Activating Purchase Orders in Lightyear

Introducing Lightyear Purchase Orders

Welcome to Purchase Orders

With Lightyears Purchase Orders Feature, you can create, send, receive and complete POs in a few quick and easy clicks. 
The following tutorial will take you through the different main sections of the PO feature with links branching off to more in depth looks into each part.

First of all, we need to enable the purchase orders function in your Lightyear profile. See below on guidance to activate and then follow the guides below to get set up.
  1. Navigating Purchase Orders
  2. Set permissions for Purchase Order users
  3. Creating Purchase Orders
  4. Receiving goods against Purchase Orders
  5. Purchase Orders Workflow
As we're developing out this feature, we welcome any feedback you have in relation to Purchase Orders. Now, let's get started! 

Activating Purchase Orders

In your Lightyear account, click on "Company Settings"

In the window that appears, scroll to find "Purchase Orders" and click the enable button, followed by "Update Settings"

A new Purchase Orders tab will be available to you on the same screen:

It is in this "Purchase Orders" page that you can set default settings for your POs such as your PO Transaction Numbers, Delivery Addresses and Form Customisation.

 Scrolling to the next Section on this page will allow customisation of supplier email settings:

in the "Supplier Email Settings" you can set default Subject, Body and Sender email address'.
  1. Auto send supplier order emails - Automatically generates an email to the supplier when the order is confirmed
  2. Enable Supplier Response Link - Allows suppliers to respond, add notes etc.
  3. Response email- Logged in users email, will have the response sent to the logged in users email, Reply address lets you put a default email address in for all replies on POs
When you are happy with these settings click the Save button to the bottom left of the screen.

You will also see a new "PO" icon appear in your toolbar to the left of your screen.

Setting your Email defaults to the Supplier

Its a good idea at this stage to also set the email address that you want the supplier to see in emails from you. Setting this default and changing it from the Lightyear email address will mean that all emails from your profile will show as the one that has been chosen.

In the General Tab,

Scroll to the bottom of the page, to, Sender email (BETA - Only applies to PO's):

You can see above, that both 1 and 2 emails are set to my lightyear email address. To change this, in box (1) click on External Email Address, where you you be able to put an alternative email address in as the sender email. In box (2) the email for response is set to my lightyear address. To change this to an alternative email address, click reply address and input an alternative. 

Please email with any feedback you'd like to share. Alternatively, you can also download Loom for free to share a short video of your feedback/suggestions.


    Check out release notes for 2020

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