Creating Purchase Orders

Creating Purchase Orders

To Create a PO, click the "Create PO" button to the top right of your PO screen. 

You will then see the window change so we can enter the relevant data. Let's split what we can see into 2 parts. On the PO creation screen we are focusing on 2 parts. The PO Details and our order form

PO Details
At the top of our new PO screen we want to put in the details of the supplier, delivery address and some defaults.

First select the Supplier to which we are sending the PO to. You can click the drop down menu to select already activated suppliers and click the one you need, or click the green plus icon in green to add a new supplier. (depending on your Accountancy Software you will either be able to create a supplier in Lightyear that will also create in your accountancy software, or have to create in the accountancy software first and import to Lightyear before being able to use.)

Clicking the drop down on Supplier, shows me my suppliers that I can select:

If this is a new supplier, I can create it here and set its defaults by clicking the small green plus button .
this will bring me to the Create Supplier window where I can set each of the suppliers details.

The country will default to your profiles country of origin

Order Form
When you select "Create PO" you either can click on the product box and begin to type a new product code, or select from the drop down menu of your previously stored products that appears beneath. 

1- Select the supplier
2- Begin to type the product code
3- Select the product from drop down menu

Selecting the product from the drop down will have your product defaults already set, and will auto-populate the fields as you previously entered them.
You can also add a new product code by clicking the  option in that drop down menu. This will open a screen where you can fill in the product defaults.

1- Enter the product code
2- Product description
3- GL Code
4- Region (if applicable)
5- Unit Price
6- Price checker settings
7- Add product to your listing.

This new product will then appear in the product dropdown menu for future us

Please Note: in these fields, you can only use letters, numbers and the characters found on your keyboard. Symbols such as →, —, etc. will not work and will prevent you from creating the PO.

When you are ready to Order, you can either order immediately (depending on your permission status) or send to the approval process by clicking the drop down menu:
  1. Approve if the PO is ready and you are the approver.
  2. Send for Approval if the PO needs to be approved by another team member.

These options will change depending on each individual users permission.

Delivery Notes

You can add a customised Delivery Note to the PO. Click within the box to update the information you require.


You can also add attachments to the PO if needed. Click the small paperclip icon to the top left of Panel 2 to add an attachment from your computers files.


    Check out release notes for Q2 2021

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