Goods Received Notices (GRN)

Receiving goods against your Purchase Orders

Goods Received Notices (GRN)

Once you've sent your Purchase Order, the next step is to receive the goods! This can easily be done in Lightyear which allows for 2 way or 3 way matching. 
  1. Simply head over to the Ordered tab and select your Purchase Order.
  2. Check the products/services have been provided and click "Received" when ready to confirm.

Once you click on "Received", a pop up window will appear to show you your line items.

Enter the GRN number and you can "Complete" single lines or "Complete All" lines on an order. You may of course receive multiple deliveries for a single Purchase Order, therefore you can add notes and also edit quantities for a single line to reflect your actual delivery of partial goods received. This also means you can Create additional GRNs by clicking on "+ New GRN" accordingly.  You will notice the delivery truck icon indicates that the line amounts have been received.

Green for complete match, Yellow for partial match and Red for quantities over received.

Once you're happy that everything is matched correctly, you can then click "Complete" to complete this order and move the PO to the final stage: Completed tab.


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