Purchase Order

Purchase Order Workflow

You've filled out your purchase order details and now you need to choose your next action. See your options below to decide the best action for your workflow.
We will run through the tabs individually to give you an idea of why they are there.

Functions across all tabs

Editing Line Details
Although each tab has its on function and purpose, there are a few commonalities that can be used through all. However once a PO lies in the Approved, Ordered and Complete tabs, you will be unable to change anything on them going forward.
Below are the common functions that can be use between Draft, Approval and Approved tabs..

You can edit specific lines individually or by the entire column. Below, If I click the drop down on the light blue section of the column, (highlighted here in yellow) I will change the detail of the entire column. For example If I want to change the Tax Code on this entire row ( entire doc) I click that light blue header and select my tax rate. If I want to change an individual line, I simply click the section I want to change on the line (highlighted in Green)

Delivery Instructions
In Each of the mentioned tabs, you can amend the delivery instructions up until the PO is approved. This is found to the bottom right of Panel 2:

All Open

The ALL OPEN tab shows you a log of everything that currently sits as a PO, except those within the Completed tab. A number of headers are shown here that will show who the supplier is, date created, Delivery date and so on. The Status toward the end will show where the PO currently sits within the workflow of you PO section. For example, Approved Status means that that PO is sitting in the approved tab. Ordered means the PO is Ordered and sits in the Ordered tab.

You can arrange to show and hide various headings that you want by clicking the 3 small dots to the top right of this panel. ( )
Clicking this icon opens a dropdown that allows you to check and un-check what you want presented to you.

Clicking any of the documents in your ALL OPEN tab will populate Panel 2 with the details of that selected PO. Any POs with the status of draft or awaiting approval can be edited directly from this ALL OPEN tab without having to move to the relevant tab to do so. 


When you create a PO you can save it as a draft for later changes. To do this, create the purchase order and instead of clicking " Order Now" select, " Save as a Draft".

When you save as a draft, the PO will be relocated to the " DRAFT" tab:

You can edit any of the lines within the Drafts Tab in Panel 2. To edit, simply click on the section you wish to edit and click save. Here is an example, below highlighted in red are all of the sections that I can change.

Changes are saved automatically, but always remember to click SAVE at the bottom right to confirm changes as a backup.

Preview PO

You can preview a PO at any point of the workflow by opening Panel 3 via the toggle at the top right of the screen or by clicking the left arrow in Panel 2. 

Clicking either of these buttons will open the PO image for review in Panel 3. You can then click the same arrow to hide Panel 3 or click any of the other toggle options to view a different panel layout. 

Approvals Tab

All POs that are not ordered immediately will require a workflow.  The workflow in POs is almost identical to the workflow for Invoices, the only difference is that there may be some specifics related to the PO.

In the Approval tab, you will have those POs that are awaiting approval. The User that has approval permissions will come into this tab and check the PO by clicking on the PO line in Panel 1. This will bring up the data in Panel 2 for you to check. You can Edit, Delete and Change any information here if needed. But if all is well with the PO, click the Approve button.

This will then move the PO to the next tab.

You can edit any of the lines within the Approval Tab in Panel 2. To edit, simply click on the section you wish to edit and click save. Here is an example, below highlighted in red are all of the sections that I can change. 

Changes are saved automatically, but always remember to click  SAVE at the bottom right to confirm changes as a backup.

Approved Tab

The approved tab will show any POs that have been approved:

 " APPROVED" tab shows all POs that have been approved and will sit for further action. To order the PO from the Approve tab, it is the same process. Click the "Order Now" button in Panel 2.

You will you also have three other buttons here. 
  1.  - Will send the PO back one step, to the Approvals Tab as stated on the button. (you will notice this button is on most workflow tabs but named according to the previous tab)
  2. - Will delete the PO from the workflow.
  3.  - Copy the PO and enter the information into a new PO
Anything that has an action against a PO will be logged in the Activity tab for record.

Ordered Tab

When Order Now is clicked, the PO will then move to the next tab in the workflow called " Ordered"
When the Order is complete, simply click " Complete

You will be unable to edit anything here as the PO has been Ordered, unless you have the "Edit After Order" permission. 

Completed Tab

In the Completed Tab, you will see all previously completed POs. Clicking on the line of a particular PO will show the information for it in Panel 2:

You will be unable to edit as the PO is completed. 


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