October 2020

October 2020

October 2020

We have been extremely busy this month with updates and improvements. We are very proud to offer you Lightyears new PO feature. This feature is an excellent addition to the Lightyear system. You asked and we listened. Feel free to read through the article below and familiarise yourself with the PO feature. It is currently in BETA and running brilliantly but as always, we appreciate feedback.

Oct 26th

Enhancement on PO's
PO workflow will now show an email icon for Ordered and Completed tabs. Once an email is sent it will show as below:

Bug Fixes 

Statement Reconciliation
Statements functions have been revised and will now match according to more refined comparisons.  
Send Bill Tasks
Send Bill Task function would allow you to send a task without a bill date populated. Now, unless an invoice had a bill date Populated, the Send Bill Task will not send.
Show Notes on Mobile Fixed
Notes were previously not showing. This has now been fixed and will work accordingly. 

Oct 23rd

Automate Task Approver by Supplier

Under a specific suppliers rules in your "suppliers" tab, you can now select a custom Approver.
By populating the "APPROVER" box with the relevant user, each time the supplier sends a document in it will automatically be sent to them as a task for approval.

Changes to Lightyear Wording

We have made a few changes in regards to the titles and descriptions of some aspects of Lightyear. All functionality remains the same.
  1. Multi-site ID is now known as Keyword Rules in Supplier Tab and also in all panel headers.
Header Change

Multi-site ID change

  1. Supplier Settings is now known as Supplier Rules. (shown above)

Oct 20th

Bill Task Actioned Lists and more

You can now add an attachment in the "My Tasks" screen on desktop to an approval by clicking the attachment icon to the top of panel 2:

Also, in the mobile app you can add an attachment in your "TASKS" icon. The task will show the attachment icon if an attachment is on the task, and you can swipe to the left to attach also.

Send Bill Task "SENT" tab

There is now the ability to review previously sent tasks, and to whom they where sent to. In the "MY TASKS" window, you will be able to click the new tab and review this information

This is a quicker way to see pending, actioned and sent tasks that you have sent.

Bug Fixes 

Abcom Export Issue

Export message is now logging when export is actioned when using ABCOM.

500+ Lined invoices stalling the browser

Invoices with over 500 lines had been stalling the browser. This is now fixed.

Oct 17th  Lightyear Purchase Orders (BETA)

Lightyear has now created a PO function, you can now activate, create and action PO’s to your suppliers from within the lightyear application. The below introduction and hyperlinks will tell you more.
Welcome to Purchase Orders
The Purchase Orders Feature is currently BETA, functions and features will be updated and added throughout the BETA stage.

With Lightyears Purchase Orders Feature, you can create, send, receive and complete PO's in a few quick and easy clicks. 
The following tutorial will take you through the different main sections of the PO feature with links branching off to more in depth looks into each part.

First of all, we need to enable the purchase orders function in your Lightyear profile. Follow the guides below to get set up.

As we're developing out this feature, we welcome any feedback you have in relation to Purchase Orders. 
Please email support@teamlightyear.cloud with any feedback you'd like to share. 

Alternatively, you can also download Loom for free to share a short video of your feedback/suggestions.

Oct 12th Incorrect Export date on exports to Fedelta

Previous issue with wrong export date on exported bills/invoices to Fedelta has now been fixed and works accordingly

Oct 11th Statement mapping failure

Previously mapping Statements with no date would be unsuccessful. Now, Statements will default to date received if it is not available or cannot be mapped.

Oct 6th WCBS Integration 

Lightyear now has a devoted setup to WCBS accounting software. We can now integrate with WCBS and import all accountancy details in csv files, seamlessly. Simply choose WCBS as your accounting software from the drop down when you are setting up. For more information on this, follow this link 

Oct 1st Xero attachments issue

Xero was previously rejecting what should have been valid attachments from Lightyear. This has now been fixed and the issue no longer exists.


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