November 2021

November 2021

24th November

Edit Suppliers from Bill Approval Workflow

To make it easier to change supplier information, users can now edit Supplier information from within the Approvals Workflow. Simply click the green pencil icon beside the Supplier Name within Panel 2 to display the Edit Supplier modal, make any changes you need and click Update.
Please Note: Users will need to click More > Re-apply Map when making changes to default GLs, Tax Codes, Categories, Approvers.

Approval Task Reminders

From the Account Dashboard, Admin users now have the ability to send reminders for Pending Approval Tasks. These reminders can be sent to individual users, or in bulk to all users.

Click here for more details about this feature!

Splitting Widget

In the scenario where we have extracted one line item, per what’s on the invoice - you may need to split this out into 3 separate lines, to be allocated to different GL codes.

This Splitting Widget can be used individually on each line of a document, or on the entire document, within the Bill Approval Workflow.

To split a line, click the arrow to the right of a line item. To split an entire document, click the split button at the bottom of Panel 2.

This will display the Splitting Widget. Here you can choose how many lines you want the line to be split into, apply a different Tax Code and GL Code.

As this is a complex feature, we have released a dedicated article on how to use the Widget. Click here to read the article.

Bug Fix: Approver Column Header Missing in Keyword Rules

The column header for Approver has now been re-added to the Keyword Rules section within Edit Supplier, as this was previously missing.

Bug Fix: Proxy Approver Emails

In the scenario where User A has Approval Email Notifications turned on and they set User B as their Proxy Approver for a week, after a week, User A isn’t receiving their Approval Task emails.

This fix will ensure users with Approval Email Notifications turned on will always receive the appropriate emails.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders - Approval Task Email

When sending an Approval Task to an external email, or to a user with Email Notifications turned on, the Email had a default message of ‘Please review this Bill for approval’.

Moving forward this will have a default message of ‘Please review this Document for approval’.

22nd November

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Microsoft Dynamics - Sequence Number

Accounts connected to Microsoft Dynamics are required to enter a Sequence Number per batch when exporting from Lightyear. This popup modal was no longer displaying upon export.

This popup modal will now display for all exports, allowing customers to enter the Sequence Number as required.

19th November

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Inerva - Cost Centres

Accounts connected to Inerva using Cost Centres didn't have the ability to Add new or Edit existing Cost Centres.

Those on Inerva can now add and edit their Cost Centres.

18th November

Accounting Software: Sage Business Cloud

We have officially launched our integration with Sage Business Cloud!! 🎉

Both new and existing Lightyear accounts can connect to Sage Business Cloud through the Accountancy area. Full details of this integration can be found here.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders - Currency in Header

When creating a Purchase Order, the default currency wasn't populating within the header.

This fix will display the currency within the Unit Price and Amount columns. This is set based on the country your account is created in e.g. Australia = AUD, United Kingdom = GBP, etc.

7th November

Bug Fix: Mobile App Login

As a result of our Add New User change recently, users who were logged out of the Mobile App were not able to log back in.

We have fixed this issue, now allowing all users (both iOS and Android) to log in successfully.

4th November

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Fuelsoft - Negative Lines

For accounts connected to Fuelsoft, adding a negative value rounding row was causing issues when trying to import the CSV into Fuelsoft. This usually meant users were reaching out to Support for this to be manually fixed.

The CSV has now been updated to correctly format the negative rounding rows. Users shouldn’t see any issues around this going forward during their import.

3rd November

Purchase Orders: Customisable Prefix

Accounts now have the ability to change the Prefix of the PO Number. Previously this defaulted to ‘PO’, and users were not able to change this.

Accounts can now create custom Prefixes and set a Sequence Number which all new POs created will start at.

To set this up, go to Company Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Transaction Numbers to create a new Prefix or change the Sequence Numbers.
Please Note: The character limit for the PO number is 20 characters, and the Sequence Number can only be a numeric value.
If your Lightyear account only uses one prefix, this will automatically populate in the Prefix field. If there are more than one prefixes, users will need to specify which prefix to use when creating a PO.

Export Supplier Details

ICYMI: We recently released the ability to bulk upload supplier information - full article here.

Users can now export a report of supplier details, similar to the format of a bulk upload CSV, including Supplier Name, Country and Currency Codes, GL Code, Tax Code, etc.

To export this CSV, head over to Suppliers and click Export CSV File.
A file similar to this will be generated
Users can use this CSV report to update current supplier details, then upload to Lightyear to bulk update. Or use this template of Suppliers within one account, and upload to another to quickly copy suppliers across accounts.

Add New User - Enhanced Experience

When a New User was added to Lightyear, some users weren’t receiving Registration emails due to firewalls or internal email settings. This was causing issues getting users set up correctly on their accounts. We have enhanced this entire experience to prevent this from happening!

Going forward, when a New User is added to Lightyear they will receive an email similar to this:

Clicking the Login to Lightyear button will take users to the Login page, where they will enter their email address and the Temporary Password we provide.

Upon first login, users will be prompted to enter their current temporary password, along with a new password - this will be used going forward to login to Lightyear.

Following this, they will be asked for a phone number, which will be used for 2FA purposes only - full details here.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Pop-Up Message

Previously when opening and un-matching a line on a PO, we would display a message saying PO Successfully Ordered.

This has been updated to now show the message PO Updated Successfully.


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