August 2022

August 2022

25th August

Archive & Reporting: Keyword Rules

Reporting keeps getting better! If you run a Document Level report in the Archive that contains results where a keyword rule has been applied, Lightyear will now populate this on the CSV export file. 

Archive & Reporting: Goods Received Status and Outstanding Goods Received Amount

And better! When running a Line Item Level report on Purchase Orders, Lightyear will now show you the Goods Received Status (whether a line has no goods received against it, partial goods received or all goods received). Lightyear will also now tell you how many goods are remaining to be received with the Outstanding GRN Amount column. Both options are available by clicking the Add More Columns button

and selecting them from the list of columns.

Grouped Data for US Accounts

Lightyear has brought a popular feature to another set of users. US companies will now have the ability to use Grouped Data.

Switching Grouped Data on allows users to view line item information in Lightyear but export the data to their accountancy software grouped by tax code, GL code & category. This feature can be applied at the Supplier level if it is only necessary for certain Suppliers.

More information on this feature can be found here

23rd August

Copy Conditional Approvals across Suppliers

Similar to how copying Keyword Rules works, users can now create Conditional Approvals in one supplier, and copy this across all suppliers with a couple clicks. This will allow up to 8 conditions to be copied to 1000s of suppliers within seconds. 

For the full article on how this works, click here.

Bug Fix: Archive

Following the release of the new Archive & Reporting feature, we have cleaned up the following issues:
  1. Incorrect duplicate document displaying while Do you want to Save Changes? modal is on screen
  2. Not remembering the PO Column in Panel 1, whether it's being hidden or displayed
  3. Keyword Rule field not clearing in Search tab

Bug Fix: Department Filter

In the Approvals Workflow, users were unable to use the Filter on the Departments column.

Using this filter will now display the correct documents in Panel 1.

Bug Fix: Manually Filed Statements

When manually filing a Statement, Panel 2 was not displaying any information. This fix ensures the correct invoices are displayed in Panel 2 after manually filing.

22nd August

Bug Fix: Add to Inventory

After Adding to Inventory and Approving a bill in the Approvals tab, when viewing the bill in Inventory, Panel 2 lines were unselected by default. This means when exporting to Inventory, lines were not appearing.

We have resolved this issue to tick all line items by default in Panel 2 in the Inventory tab.

18th August

Bug Fix: Duplicate Icon Remaining

We have fixed an issue where the duplicate icon was sticking on an invoice when one document was edited.

For example, if you had two invoices in Approvals with the same invoice number INV-1234 and you changed one of these to INV-5678, the invoice still called INV-1234 would keep the duplicate icon in Panel 1 until it was moved into another tab.

Now, when one of the duplicate documents are updated or edited, the flag will remove itself from both invoices.

16th August

Bug Fix: Bulk Sign Off Error

When Conditional Approval is set to use Instead Of, users were not able to Bulk Sign Off documents within the Review tab that were above the conditional values set

15th August

Enhancement: Failed to Export 

Where a document has a Failed to Export icon in Panel 1, a double click on this icon will take users to the Activity trail or a single click to view the Activity trail in a popup modal.

Bug Fix: Bulk Actions Sticking After Documents are Moved

While in the Approvals Workflow, users were seeing issues when bulk actioning documents. The following issues around this have been fixed:
  1. Unable to export to Accountancy Software after a successful export
  2. Documents appearing in the wrong tab after export
  3. Document appearing in multiple tabs at once

12th August

✨New Archive & Reporting✨

The wait is finally over! We've released our enhanced Archive and Reporting feature.

The Archive has gone through a complete overhaul, making searching for documents easier than before. Some quality of life changes include the ability to search by Bill #, PO #, Product Code and Description on a Contains or Exact Match basis. Select up to 20 Suppliers, GL Codes, Categories, Lightyear Departments or Keyword Rules at once. Search on the Bill, Due or Received Date with a number of pre-canned dates, including Today, This Week, This Month, This Quarter, This Year, and many more. For full details on the Archive click here, or here to see a comparison between the Old and the New.

Within Reporting, you can now run a range of pre-existing reports, and create custom reports. These include: Line Items Invoiced, GL Code Spend, Product Spend by Quantity on both Bills and Purchase Orders, Lightyear Department Spend, all customisable by Period, Supplier, Doc Status and Doc Type. For more information on these reports, click here!

10th August

Enhancement: Purchase Orders - PO/Bill Matching Modal

We have made a number of changes within the PO Matching Modal, which should improve the experience for users. These include:

Create GRN from Bill to PO Match Modal

While in Bill to PO Matching from the Approval Workflow, when a line has been matched, you can click the truck icon in the GRN Status column to display the Create GRN Modal.

View PO Creator in Bill to PO Match Modal

Hover over the eye icon on the PO Data side to view who created the PO.

View and Add Notes from Matching Modals

While in the Bill to PO Match, or PO to Bill Match, modals, users can now add the Notes column by adding this via the 3 dots.

Once the Notes column is visible, you will see the standard Notes icon. If there is a note on the document, the icon will be highlighted in bold, and if there is no note, the icon will be faded out.

Click the notes icon to view and add a new note from within the Matching Modal.
Note: The Notes modal will display the most recent notes, up to 25.
Please Note: This Note modal is visible across Lightyear, users can tag/mention other Lightyear users from here. The bold/faded note icon is also visible across the app, making it easier to see when a note had been left.

Copy Bill or PO Number from within the Matching Modals

While in the Bill to PO Match, or PO to Bill Match, modals, click the Copy to Clipboard icon to quickly copy both the Bill Number or PO Number

5th August

Enhancement: Audit History

We have added additional automatic notes to the Audit History trail (Activity). 

Users will now see notes when the following actions are carried out:
  1. Editing the line item details or document details a message will say - Invoice line items edited in [Tab Name] by [User Name]
  2. Updating the document using the More button - Invoice status updated to Unread in [Tab Name] by [User Name]
  3. Editing the document in the Inventory tab - Invoice line items edited in Inventory tab by [User Name]
  4. When Auto Approve is switched on, if a task is approved in Approvals, and automatically sent through to the next tab - Bill Auto-approved via Auto-approval rule

Enhancement: Hover Text

While hovering over fields within Panel 2, users will now see the full text of the field, making it easier to read the text without clicking into the field.

This hover will display on the Tax Code, GL Code and Category 1 & 2 fields.

2nd August

Bug Fix: Grouped Data by Supplier

When exporting, if Grouped Data was turned on for one Supplier and off for other Suppliers in a batch, all documents would be exported with Grouped Data.

Now, if you export documents with 5 Suppliers with Grouped Data turned on, and 5 Suppliers with Grouped Data turned off within one export batch, these will be exported with Grouped Lines/Line Items as necessary.

Bug Fix: Statements Partial Matching

We have fixed an issue where Statements weren't displaying partial matches when the Invoice Number was different between the Statement and the Invoice.


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