Old Archive vs New Archive & Reporting

Old Archive vs New Archive & Reporting

If you've been a user of Lightyear for a couple of years, prior to the 12th August 2022 release, the new Archive & Reporting tab may be a bit confusing to get your head around, but don't worry! This article should help you use the Archive & Reporting tab like a seasoned pro!

How do I find an Invoice in Archive?

Old Archive

Within the Archive, searching for a document was done within Panel 2, with the search results displaying in Panel 1.

Searches on fields like Bill #, P/Order #, Product Code and Description were an exact match, where users needed to type in the value exactly as extracted on the document.

If searching by a specific Supplier, GL Code, Category and Lightyear Department, only one could be selected from the dropdown list.

New Archive & Reporting

Now, in Archive & Reporting, users will search for a document in the appropriately named Search tab, and see the results in the Search Results tab. (Clever, we know!)

You can now search using an Exact Match (exactly as the information has been extracted, e.g. INV-00123) or using a Contains (using part of the information extracted, e.g. INV-00123 on the invoice, and searching for 00123)

Within the Bill Date, Received Date and Due Date, we have set some pre-defined dates! These include:
  1. Today
  2. Yesterday
  3. This Week
  4. This Month
  5. This Quarter
  6. Year to Date
  7. Last Week
  8. Last Month
  9. Last Quarter
  10. Last Year
The fields for Supplier, GL Code, Category, Lightyear Department, and now Keyword Rule can be used to select multiple values, up to 20 at once, from the dropdown menu.

We have added in the ability to search and create reports on more than just the Document/Header information. Make use of the Line Item and Grouping options within the Report Type field to search on data grouped by Supplier, GL Code, Lightyear Department and Unique Product. For full information on this, click here.

How do I View and Re-Export a Batch?

Old Archive

Via the old Archive, users connected to an Accountancy Software that exports to CSV would change the Search For field to Exported Batches and choose the exact batch by date/time in the File Created field.

This would give results in Panel 1 of the specific documents that had been exported and allow you to Re-Export to Accountancy Software, in the above example it is to WCBS.

New Archive & Reporting

Archive & Reporting is largely similar to the old method, with some small tweaks.

Select the Doc Type of Exported Batches from the dropdown. Here you will see additional Search Parameters, allowing you to choose if you want to search for Accountancy Software batches or Inventory batches via the Type field. Once you have selected the type, in the same way as previously, select the exact batch by the date/time field in the File Created field.

Once you have the correct parameters set, click the Search button to be sent into Search Results.

Click the Re-Export to Other button to generate the CSV file of the batch.

How do I find a Deleted Document?

Old Archive

To find any document that has been trashed from the Approvals Workflow, users would click the Include Trash checkbox, fill in any additional search parameters and click Search.

The deleted document would be visible via the Where? column, allowing users to reinstate the document back into the Approvals Workflow.

New Archive & Reporting 

To find an invoice which has been deleted, in the Doc Status field, tick the Trash field and continue to fill in any additional Search Parameters to narrow your search.

The deleted document is visible via the Where? column, allowing users to reinstate the document back into the Approvals Workflow.

Via this new Archive & Reporting feature, you can select only the Trash option, to view all documents which have been trashed in Approvals.


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