Approval by Value

Approval by Value

Setting Approval by Value at a Company Level 

Users now have the ability to set up conditional approval by amount i.e. if a bill is over a certain amount, User A needs to approve it. If a bill is over another amount, User A and B need to approve it.

To switch this on, simply go to Company Settings > Invoice Approval Workflow. This feature is only available in a Double Approval workflow, as the conditional approval takes place in the Review Tab.

Up to 2 conditions can be set, and only one user can be selected for each condition.

When sent to Review, any invoices with a total amount above the 1st condition will need to go through the selected Approver before it can be sent to Signed Off and Exported. For example, if the 1st condition is ‘If over £1,000 GBP then Gavin Turtle must approve’, all invoices above £1,000 will need to be approved by Gavin Turtle before Sign Off. Users will not be able to Sign Off without this approval.

A 2nd condition can be set up as either ‘Instead Of’, or ‘As Well As’. 

Instead Of: If the 2nd condition is set to £2,000 and Daniel McNally with Instead Of selected - any invoices above £2,000 will bypass Gavin Turtle’s approval, and be sent straight to Daniel McNally instead. 

As Well As: If the 2nd condition is set to £2,000 and Daniel McNally with As Well As - any invoices above £2,000 will be sent to both Gavin Turtle and Daniel McNally. Invoices above £2,000 will need both approvers to approve before it is sent through to Signed Off.

If Auto trigger approval by value in the Review tab is turned on, when an invoice is sent to Review, and the conditions set above are met, the approval task will automatically be sent to the relevant approvers. 

If Auto-Trigger is turned off, if an invoice meets the conditions, in Review you will see a ‘Send for Approval’ button, which will need to be clicked before the tasks are sent to the relevant approvers.

If an invoice in the Review tab is edited in a way which affects the Total Amount e.g. line item values, changing tax rates or adding a rounding row, the approval task will need to be re-sent. 

For invoices in a foreign currency, the Condition will trigger an approval task if it is met in your company currency. For example, if your 1st condition is for 1,000AUD, and you receive an invoice for 600GBP, the first approval will trigger, as this is equal to 1068AUD.

This approval is sent in the same way as all other task approvals. Users can approve these from the My Tasks tab on the desktop or mobile app, or via email. The only difference is that it will appear as a ‘Conditional Approval’ task in the My Tasks tab.

Setting Approval by Value per Supplier

You can set approval by value on each individual supplier. This can be done easily within Edit Supplier, or when you create a new supplier.

Head over to your Supplier list, and click the green pencil icon beside the supplier you want to edit. 

Scroll down to the Supplier Rules section, where you will see  Approval by Value - Bills/Credits Workflow.  This will look similar to how you add a Condition in the Company Settings page.

To set your first Condition, click the green Condition 1 button, and follow the same steps from above to add a single or double level of Conditions.

After you add your conditions, don't forget to click Update to save your settings.

What if I have a Company Setting and Supplier Setting?

It is possible to set up your Lightyear account with Approval by Value conditions in the Company Settings area and different conditions in each Supplier.

When doing this, we will apply the Supplier conditions above the Company Setting. For example, if Supplier A has a condition of £100 to Jessica Callaly, but a Company Setting of £100 to Gavin Turtle. An invoice received into Lightyear from Supplier A of £150.00 will be sent to Jessica Callaly for approval. If Supplier B has no conditions, and an invoice from this supplier is received for £250, Gavin Turtle will need to approve


    Check out release notes for Q2 2021

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