What type of Documents can Lightyear receive and process

What type of documents can Lightyear receive and process?

Lightyear can process almost any type of bill/credit note/statement/receipt, but depending on the type and format they may be processed differently. 

System generated PDFs

System generated PDFs are electronic documents sent directly from suppliers by email. These contain what we call 'Metadata', which is what we us to extract information from the bill. Since we're pulling information directly from the data inside the bill, and not the image that you would see, these bills have the highest accuracy rate regarding the data we can extract, and as such, are the best type of bills to receive and process through Lightyear.

Scanned PDF/JPEG/JPG/PNG/TIFF formats

If a supplier is still sending you paper bills, it may be worth contacting them to see if they can send a system generated PDF to ensure the best and most consistent data extraction. If they can't we may still be able to handle the paper copy.  With our OCR, users can upload high quality scans for data extraction. From a work flow perspective, not much changes compared to how we process system generated PDFs, but the accuracy is lower so we encourage users to only use scanned bills where system generated PDFs are not available.


Receipts can now be uploaded to Lightyear, either through the Upload function, or the Lightyear Mobile App. When a receipt is uploaded, we'll Smart Extract summary data, including the supplier name and receipt totals. 

For any emails sent to Lightyear without an attachment, these will be redirected to your redirect email so nothing gets missed!


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