October 2021

October 2021

28th October 2021

Bug Fix: Default Approver Name Not Appearing

When editing a Supplier with a Default Approver, there were instances where the Default Approver name was not appearing. This issue was purely visual, and did not affect the Approval Tasks which were sent.

Users should not see this moving forward, the name will now be visible when a Default Approver is set.

27th October 2021

Bug Fix: Rounding GL Code Not Automatically Applying

If there was a rounding error on the Tax Amount within Panel 2 of Lightyear, the red error bell would flag. In the case where the Lightyear account had a Rounding GL set, clicking the red error bell would create the rounding line item, but the GL Code would not populate correctly.

This has now been corrected, meaning the Rounding GL Code will populate correctly on line items when a rounding error bell exists on the Tax Amount.

Bug Fix: Changing User Permissions for an Admin

If an Admin is the last Admin on an account e.g. 10 Users exist but only 1 Admin, you are not able to remove their Admin permissions, as each account requires an Admin. Attempting to do so previously displayed an error message stating 'An Error Occurred'.

We have updated this error message to now display Cannot Remove Last Admin to make it clearer what the issue is.

Please Note: Users are still not able to remove the last Admin on an account, this fix only changes the error messaging.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Missing Matched Status

Within the Purchase Order Workflow, accounts with PO Matching turned on were not seeing the Match Status from within Panel 2. Users had to click into PO Bill Match to see the status of each line.

This fix will bring back the Match Status results, allowing users to view this from within Panel 2.

15th October 2021

Panel 2 Pagination

As larger businesses having growing needs and invoices with a large number of line items, Lightyear experienced increased slowness when trying to load all lines at once, e.g. when an invoice has 1000+ lines.

We have introduced pagination within Panel 2 of the Processing tab, to split the line items into multiple pages when 100+ lines are extracted. This is similar to the feature released previously, which introduced Pagination into the Approvals Workflow. 

14th October 2021

Bulk Supplier Upload

Similar to how our Product List, GL Codes, Supplier Cards, etc, bulk uploads work, Lightyear Suppliers can now be created from a bulk CSV upload.

For full details on the columns required, and how to do this, click here.

Note: Within Lightyear, if a user deletes a supplier, it still exists within our system, in case it needs to be reinstated by the Support Team. When users were uploading Suppliers that existed within our database, but weren't visible on the Lightyear account, the upload was failing. Going forward, the CSV upload will check whether the Supplier previously existed and was deleted. If the upload finds a match, the returned CSV file will give an explanation on why this Supplier failed to upload.

12th October 2021

Proxy Approver

If a User leaves the business, meaning they no longer have access to their Lightyear account, or goes on temporary leave e.g. vacation, they can set up a Proxy Approver to redirect all approval tasks to another user during this time.

This can be set up by each individual user, across their Lightyear accounts, or by an Admin, if the user forgets to do so.

For full information on how this works, and the set up process, click here!

8th October 2021

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Fuelsoft - Cost Centres

Accounts connected to Fuelsoft using Cost Centres experienced issues when exporting - Cost Centres were not populating in the correct column within the CSV. 

This has now been fixed, allowing users to use Cost Centres as required.

Bug Fix: Documents By-Passing Processing

With our recent change on email domains, some documents were being sent to Lightyear using a new email address and going straight to Approvals, applying a map. These accounts didn't previously authorise the email domains, and maps were being applied incorrectly.

Going forward, documents received from unauthorised domains will remain in Processing, waiting for a map to be manually applied

6th October 2021

Bank Details Checker Enhancements

ICYMI: Last month we released the ability to store bank details against a supplier, and check this against what is being extracted on the invoice - a recap of this can be found here!

These enhancements focus on new icons, flagging enhancements and additions to our mapping abilities.

For full details on the Bank Details Checker, please click here.

1st October 2021

Accountancy Software: Other: Export 'Misc Header' Field

We introduced a Miscellaneous Header field in last month's release so now we have built the ability to export the Miscellaneous Header field as a column in their export CSV, for those using Other in both Accounting Software and Inventory.

To add this to your export CSV head over to Accountancy > Export Mappings. On the right hand side of your screen, scroll down until you see Miscellaneous Header, select it and click the arrow to add it to the left of your screen.

Keep in mind, Miscellaneous corresponds to the miscellaneous reference field at the line item level vs Miscellaneous Header which corresponds to the header details in Panel 2.

To move this column around on the export CSV, use the arrows on the left hand side to move it up/down according to where it's needed.

Don't forget to click Save Changes once you have finished!

Bug Fix: Assign User to Child Account from User/Companies in Parent Account

Accounts within a Parent/Child structure can now assign Client Users to Child Accounts from within the Users/Companies structure. There were previously some instances where this wasn't working as expected which has now been resolved.

This fix allows users within the Parent to allocate users quickly and easily from Users/Companies.


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