Proxy Approver

Proxy Approver

Proxy Approver can work in two separate scenarios:
  1. A user is on Leave for a week, and they want to redirect all approval tasks to another user
  2. A user leaves the business and is deleted from Lightyear, meaning tasks need to be redirected to another user 

In Scenario 1, the user can set a Proxy themselves through the My Profile page, or this can be done by an Admin. Scenario 2 can only be completed by an Admin when the user is deleted.

Setting a Proxy Approver

My Profile

If you are taking annual leave from the business for a couple days, and you are expecting Approval Tasks to be sent to your user during that time, you can set up an automatic redirect which will send these tasks to a specified user instead.

To set this up, click your name in the top right and select My Profile from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down until you see the Approval Proxy User section.

Here you will see a list of companies associated with your User Profile. You may see anywhere between 1 and 50 listed here, depending on how many Lightyear accounts you have access to.

Find the account you need to set the proxy on and select the dropdown menu in the Proxy User column. This will display the other users also within the selected account.

Select the most appropriate user to redirect your tasks to. Continue to work your way through the list of accounts until you have selected a user for each, as needed. Click Update Settings at the bottom of the screen.

From this point forward, all tasks sent to your user will then be redirected to the chosen user, until it is turned off

To remove any Proxy Users, select the same dropdown beside the account, and select the top blank option.

Alternatively, if you need to remove all Proxy Users from all accounts, simply click the Clear All button in the top right. Again, click Update Settings once these changes have been made.

Edit User

If a User goes on unexpected leave, or forgets to set their Proxy User their annual leave begins, Admin Users can set this up on their behalf.

Go to the Users page within the account, this may be hidden under the Settings area.

From the Manage Users page, click the green pencil icon beside the relevant user.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a section for Approval Proxy User

From the dropdown menu, select the most appropriate user to be the Proxy Approver, and click Update.

Once the user has returned from leave, this can be removed either by the User individually (as mentioned in the previous section), or by the Admin by clicking the dropdown menu again, and selecting the blank option at the top.

Again, don’t forget to click Update once any changes are made.

Delete User

If a User permanently leaves the business and will no longer have access to their Lightyear account, meaning their User is to be deleted from the account, a Proxy User can be set up to automatically redirect any currently pending or future tasks.

Similar to the Edit User function, this can only be done by an Admin.

Go to the Users page within the account, this may be hidden under the Settings area.
Click the red trash icon next to the user which you are deleting.

In the popup modal, there is the option to set a Proxy User prior to deleting the user completely.

Within the dropdown menu, select the user to be set as the Proxy Approver. Once you have chosen a user, click Confirm.

Audit Trail

If a user is set as a Proxy User, this will be shown from within the Audit Trail for any tasks sent, which will look similar to this:


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