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My Profile

Changing your profile settings

Users are in control of updating their own contact and login information, as well as some communication preferences. This is done through a section called My Profile, which is found by clicking on your username n the top right corner of Lightyear.

Let's have a look at the available options.

Personal Details

This is where a user can update their contact and login details. It's important to note that only a user may change their Personal Detail, an Admin can not change another users details.

Security Settings 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)

To enable an extra set of security, you can enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). 2FA allows for an extra level of security on your Lightyear Account by requiring a code to be sent to a verified mobile number when logging in. A deeper look at 2FA can be found in this article.

Upload Profile Picture

Here, users can upload a Profile Picture to display next to their Username.  This is a really cool feature that will help other users quickly and easily identify who has sent them Requests and Notes.

Communication Preferences

Users can opt in to receive marketing material from Lightyear, as well as activity notifications and email notifications for Approval requests. 
  1. Marketing notifications - Lightyear may occasionally send marketing communications related to Lightyear services and features.  Your details will not be shared with third parties
  2. Receive Email notifications - Select this option if you would like to receive an email notification each time someone assigns you a specific approval request.  You can then approve the relevant Bill from within your unique email link
  3. Activity Notifications - Activity notifications are sent daily, weekly or monthly. Emails will be sent at 3:00am AEST to Australian users, and 3:00am UTC to users in any other region.

The email will include a table, showing how many bills you have within each tab of the Approvals Workflow, with any Unread bills counted in Brackets. EG, if you see ' 3(1)' this means you have 4 bills in total in that specific tab, one of which is Unread.

Please note that if user is assigned to Departments, Notification Emails will only refer to bills within those departments.

Approval Proxy User

You can assign approval users from here as a proxy for an approver who may be on leave or otherwise not currently available. To do this, simply choose a Proxy User for your company from the corresponding drop-down list and click "Update Settings" to confirm these changes.


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