Can I leave a Note On an Invoice

How do I leave notes on a document and tag someone?

Can I leave notes on a bill? 

Yes, you can! In fact, you can do this on an invoice level so when others log in, they can see exactly which bill you're referring to making it easy for collaboration. 

Every note is date and timestamped so you'll know who wrote the note, when and what it's in regards to. You can also easily see which bills have a note, denoted by the note icon in Panel 1. 

Entering notes and a history of notes can be found in Panel 2 > Activity> Notes

These notes form part of your audit history, as such once they are made, they cannot be deleted.

Notes Icon Previewing

Now, you can click on the Notes Icon -  when in Lightyear to show the previous few notes. You can also reply in this pop out screen.  This means you no longer have to go to activity and look at your notes, thus covering the data from the invoice. Now, within this new pop out screen you can review, reply and continue as normal without having to change anything on you interface.

Click the note Icon once to show the pop up window. The pop up window (shown below) will give you the ability to reply and review the previous 3 notes all in one small window. You can double click the note icon to show all notes if you wish.

The notes have not moved, this is just an additional feature

Mentioning another user in a note

Keep up with the cool kids by "tagging" someone in your notes. To do this, in the notes section use the "@" symbol. You'll see a drop down appear with the users on your account. Click the user you want and they'll appear in the note you are about to leave. Write your note, submit and the user you tagged will be notified that they are mentioned in a note. The steps to do this are below:

Use the "@" symbol to bring up your user list to choose from:

Select the user you want to mention and write your note. Then click submit:

Your note will not "stick" to that invoice and the person you tagged will be notified that they have an invoice to look at.

The person you have tagged will receive a notification on their side, up to the right in their notifications tab:

As a recipient of a mention, you just need to click that icon to open your internal messenger. There, you can reply directly.


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