Two Factor Authentication

How to set up 2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

Your Lightyear account contains a lot of confidential and sensitive information. We have enabled businesses looking for increased security measures, with our 2 factor authentication functionality. 

This can be enabled from the user level via Profile > enable 2 factor authentication > toggle green to switch on

You'll be prompted to enter a phone number so the OTP code can be sent to your mobile device. Enter the OTP and your 2FA has successfully been enabled. 

This means, moving forward, anytime you enter your password and login, you will receive an sms code to enter as part of your second step of authentication in order to access your account. 

2FA from Company Settings

You can also set the 2FA function in the Company Settings icon  to the left of your screen under The Settings cog ..

Once here, you will see the Company settings screen. The very last option on the page is to activate the 2 factor authentication. Switch this on if required and update your settings. 

2 Factor Authentication will now be enabled on your profile. 

How do I activate 2 Factor Authentication on Client Profiles?

If you have a Parent profile, and have different clients, you can activate each client from your Users and Companies List.

In your main profile, click the Users and Companies Icon (found to the Top Left of your profile window):

Once you click this, you will be presented with your client list. In the columns shown, you can tick the top box to enable 2FA on all of your clients (underlined in red) then tick to enable 2FA or un-tick to deactivate it (highlighted in yellow). You can then see the individuals to the right (highlighted in green) that have 2FA applied on a user level.

Once you have ticked the 2FA box (highlighted in green), you can then click the Update 2FA (underlined in red) button along the top, to save these settings. 


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