May 2023

May 2023

25th May

Suppliers Export CSV File

Within the Manage Suppliers area, we have added some extra columns to the Export CSV File:
  1. Grouped Data: Y for Yes and N for No
  2. Auto Export: Y for Yes and N for No
  3. PO Supplier: Y for Yes and N for No
  4. Lightyear Departments: More than one Department will be separated with a semi-colon
  5. Category 1: If your Accountancy Software uses Code - Description, only the Code will be exported on the CSV. If your Accountancy Software uses Description only, this will be exported on the CSV.
  6. Category 2: If your Accountancy Software uses Code - Description, only the Code will be exported on the CSV. If your Accountancy Software uses Description only, this will be exported on the CSV.
We have also made some changes to better align what is Exported from Lightyear and what can be Imported. The changes are as follows:
  1. Registered for GST
    1. Previously: T for True and F for False
    2. Updated To: Y for Yes and N for No

19th May

Automatic Refresh on New Release

When we release a new feature or a bug fix, users will see a popup appearing in their browser telling them to refresh. This aims to help reduce the number of issues users see after a release when they are on the 'old' version of Lightyear.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed and released:
  1. Task Approver column not appearing within Panel 1
  2. Category columns not appearing within Panel 1
  3. Sort not working in Archive - Purchase Orders and Exported Batches

15th May

Purchase Orders: PO and GRN CSV Upload

Previously, only Admin users could upload a PO or GRN via the CSV Upload function. 

Now, those with Create Permission can upload a PO via CSV, and Receive Permission can upload a GRN via CSV.

Click here to find the full details on how this upload function works!

Bug Fix: Bulk Supplier Upload via CSV

While uploading a CSV of Suppliers to Lightyear, some users were experiencing an issue where their Suppliers changed from PO Supplier = True to PO Supplier = False when the PO Supplier column wasn't mapped within the upload template.

This has been fixed so the PO Supplier will stay True/False accordingly when the PO Supplier column isn't mapped.

9th May

Enhancement: Product List Download

We have added additional data into the CSV of the Product List download. Users can now export more information than before, to accurately reflect what's in Lightyear. This includes:
  1. Never Populate GL Code
  2. Effective From Date
  3. Effective To Date
A CSV of the Export template can be found attached to the bottom of this page.

For full information on the Product List upload/download, click here!

3rd May

Purchase Orders: Auto-Order

If you are familiar with our Auto Approve feature, this new Auto Order feature will be familiar to you.

With this setting enabled, any Purchase Orders in the Approved tab with all Approval Tasks approved will move through into the Ordered tab automatically without any user intervention. If you have Email Supplier When Ordered enabled on the PO, the email will also be sent to the relevant Supplier with the Email Subject, Body and Users in BCC per your Company Settings.

For full details on this feature, click here!


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