Auto-Order Purchase Orders

Auto-Order Purchase Orders

If you're familiar with our Auto-Approve feature, you can use the same functionality to automatically Order your Purchase Orders within Lightyear.

When enabled, this will move your POs into the Ordered tab and automatically email the relevant suppliers once all levels of Approval are met on a Purchase Order, this includes Approval by Value.

Please Note: If you would like the supplier to be Emailed once the Order is placed, be sure to click the Email Supplier When Ordered option when creating the PO. Or enable the Company Setting that switches this on by default.

Enabling Auto-Order

Within your Company Settings > PO Approval Workflow, set the Auto Order Approve PO setting to Yes.

Be sure to click Update Settings once you have this enabled!

Now, any PO that has been Approved by the relevant users will move into the Ordered tab without needing to manually click the Order Now button.

What does this look like in the PO Approval Flow?

Once the final user has approved the PO, the document will move into the Approved tab and a record of this will appear in the Activity tab as Purchase order Auto-ordered via Auto-ordered rule.

If Email Supplier When Ordered is enabled on the PO, an email will also be sent to the supplier with the default Supplier Email Subject, Body and with the relevant users in BCC.


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