Auto Approvals

Save time and set up Auto Approvals

Lightyear's Auto Approve feature allows for the smooth and fast progression of bills through Lightyear, while maintaining the operational and approval controls needed by your business. When Auto Approve is enabled, whenever a Bill Task is approved, or the final Executive Approval is given, the bill is moved to the next step in the approval flow (until the Sign-Off tab).

Enabling Auto Approve

To switch Manager Approval on, head over to Settings > Company Settings

Scroll down to Send Bill Task Customisation > Yes next to Auto Approve. Finally, select "Update Settings" in the bottom right-hand corner to save this change.  

Auto Approve in Action

Bill Task Auto Approval

In this example we have a task assigned to a user from the Approvals tab.
The approval task is then actioned under "My Tasks" (in this case, the same user). 
Going back to the Approvals tab, you'll see it has then transitioned to the Review tab upon completion of the Task.

Executive Sign Off Auto Approval

Similarly, in this example we have a document awaiting Executive Approval in the Review tab. 
Once the Executive Approver has approved the bill, you'll notice it then automatically transitions to the Signed Off tab without an additional person clicking on the Sign Off button.

There's no right or wrong in these settings, just what efficiencies and security you want in place. If you have any questions, feel free to consult our team and reach out to us via the chat function in app and speak to an expert today!


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