January 2022

January 2022

6th January

Purchase Orders: Copy Purchase Order and Create Purchase Order from Invoice

Quickly copy an existing Purchase Order and create a new one with the click of a button.

When viewing an existing PO, click the  button to copy the information to a new PO.

Users will be taken to the Create PO screen with the existing information prepopulated and PO Date updated to the current date.

Please Note: The Prefix will need to be re-selected in the case where multiple prefixes exist in an account.

The same can be done from an Invoice within the Approvals Workflow or Archive. Go to an Invoice in either of these locations and click More > Create PO. A new PO will be generated using the information available from the invoice.

Please Note: When copying from an Invoice, users will need to select a Prefix, Email, Delivery Address/Contact/Date and Approver as these aren’t readily available from an Invoice.

Bug Fix: Statement Matching Failing when a Line is Disregarded

In the scenario where a Statement is received into Lightyear with some missing invoices, when the user Disregards a line and receives the missing invoices at a later date, these aren’t automatically reconciled.

e.g. if the second line has been disregarded, then the first line invoice is received, the user would need to manually match the line.

With this fix, regardless of lines being disregarded, Missing invoices will match to the correct invoice when they are received into Lightyear.

Bug Fix: Re-Apply Map Not Working

There were some instances where multiple users uploading invoices, using the same map was causing issues when trying to Re-Apply a Map in the Approvals tab.

Users will now be able to re-apply a map without any issues or errors.

5th January

Accounting Software: Xero - Tax Codes in US Accounts

Accounts created as US accounts connected to Xero can now import and use Tax Codes within their Approvals and PO Workflows.

This is a required field and will be exported to Xero.
Please Note: This feature already exists within all other accounts operating outside the US. For full details on how set up Tax Rates, click here.

Bug Fix: Accounting Software: Sage 200 - Export Rounding Variances

Some customers on Sage 200 were seeing a variance between the data within Lightyear Panel 2 and what was exported to their CSV file. Lightyear displays in 2 decimal places, but exports in 3 decimal places.

This fix aligns all data to display and export in 2 decimal places, which will remove any rounding variances for Sage 200.


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