I didn't receive my Lightyear Invite, or my One Time Password (OTP)

I didn't receive my Lightyear Invite, or my One Time Password (OTP)

So you've been invited to join Lightyear? Exciting stuff! If you are having trouble getting the initial invite, or receiving the One Time Password (OTP) after registering, this article will help get you set up and using Lightyear in no time!

I'm Missing my Lightyear Invite

If you've been added to a Lightyear account, but did not receive the welcome email, there are a couple of steps to take. 
First things first, confirm with the person who invited you that they have got your email correct. Sounds simple, but this is the most common issue! 

If your email address is correct, you'll want to check that the invite isn't getting stuck in your spam/trash folder. If not, it's likely that your email client is blocking these, so what we recommend is to send an email to donotreply@lightyear.cloud. In most cases, this will add our email to your safe senders list, but if not you (or your IT team) can do this by following the instructions in this article

If the above doesn't work, we find that whitelisting Lightyear's IPs will resolve any issues you have around not receiving communications from Lightyear. Details on this can be found in this article

Once these steps have been taken, please ask the user who invited you to resend the invitation.

I've tried to register, but I do not get the One Time Password (OTP)

This section will be quite short, because the steps to take to resolve here are exactly the same as above! 

None of the above has worked for me? What do I do now? 

That's OK, you can raise a ticket, jump on our live chat, or call us to discuss. 


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