August 2021

August 2021

Release 20.8.2021

20th August 2021

Archive Enhancements: Click to View and Click to Copy

We have made some improvements to help users when using the Lightyear Archive. Previously, if a user searched for a bill and then wanted to view it in the Approvals workflow they needed to navigate back to the Approvals tab and search for the bill. We have now added the ability to click on the invoice number in the archive, this will bring users straight to the bill in the Approvals workflow. 
We have also added the ability to 'click to copy' bill numbers within the archive. Simply hover over the bill in panel 1 and click the clipboard symbol to immediately copy the bill number. This saves users from having to highlight and copy this information manually. 

Paperclip Attachment Viewer Upgrade

We have made an upgrade to our Paperclip Attachment function. Previously, clicking to view the attached document brought up a static panel showing you the relevant article. This could not be moved and this meant that users were required to close the window if they needed to edit items in panel 2. We have now given our users the ability to move this panel around dynamically and even minimise and maximise it. 

Approval Workflow: Bill to PO Matching

A couple of months ago we launched our PO to Bill matching element, which allows users to match line by line from the Purchase Order to the Bill in the Purchase Order workflow of Lightyear. We have now released the reverse side of this - allowing users to match documents within the Bill Approval Workflow to the relevant PO.

Purchase Orders: Click to View Document & Document Preview

Following on from last week's release where we upgraded our PO matching visuals and added more functionality to finding matching line, we have further improved this feature. If a line from the PO or Bill side has a match, partial or exact, users can now view the document more easily.

Click to View

A hyperlink has been added to the matching modal to easily click through to the document being matched to. Simply click the blue text and you will be redirected to the document the line is associated with.

Document Preview

To view the PDF of the document being matched to i.e. if you are in PO Bill Match, clicking this icon will display the invoice the line is matched to, and vice versa, click the eye icon to the right of the Matched Status. This will open a new window with a preview of the document.

Purchase Orders: Visual Enhancements

Currently, when matching lines on a PO, any fields which are unmatched are displayed with a red background. We have added a green background to the fields which are matched.

This will look similar to the below:
We have also added this logic into the Finding Matching Bill Lines modal:
If users are searching for a specific line to, any fields which match your current PO criteria will display with a green background, and any that don’t match will have a red background, making it easier to find the best suited line to match to.

Purchase Orders: Decimal Places

On the PO PDF, the number of decimal places displayed has been increased to 4 on the unit price column.

Bug Fixes

External Email Address

Only users with Purchase Orders turned on were able to use the External Email Address feature due to a recent release. 

This feature has been re-opened to all users, regardless if the account is using POs or not.

Statements - View Bill

When clicking the View Bill tab on a Statement, no information from the invoice was being presented.

Clicking View Bill will now present the correct invoice details.

Grouped Data Rounding

Some supplier invoices were showing a different amount on the Edit Bill and Grouped Data tabs on invoices, due to differences in rounding.

We have aligned these 2 tabs to ensure the rounding is calculated in the same way.

Supplier Not Registered for VAT/GST

Users were seeing a red flag in Approvals indicating the supplier was marked as 'Not Registered for VAT/GST', when in fact they were marked as registered for VAT/GST.

This fix corrects the issue to only flag this if the supplier is truly marked as not registered for VAT/GST and there is VAT/GST on the invoice.

Lightyear Emails

Some users were having difficulty receiving emails from the Lightyear email address when registering users, verifying OTPs and sending 'forgot password' resets.

We have changed our email domain to send emails from '' to ensure a smoother process when sending/receiving emails from Lightyear.

If you're still noticing issues, please check out this article on how to whitelist our records.

Approval by Value Not Triggering

If an account has Auto Approve turned on alongside Approval by Value, the auto approve would not trigger value amounts when in Review.

Now, when both settings are enabled, invoices will seamlessly flow through the workflow and trigger the approval by value without intervention.

Purchase Order: Alignment

This small fix ensures PO details in panel 2 are left aligned for all tabs, as the Approved tab was experiencing some visual issues that centre aligned all text in Panel 2.

Panel 1 and 2 Mismatch in Approvals

If users were to click 'Approve' on invoices in Approvals repeatedly, an error would occur in the next tab (Review, or Signed Off), displaying invoices with a Net/Tax/Gross value of 0.00 in Panel 1.

We have disabled the 'Approve' button after 1 click, meaning users will need to wait for the invoice to move to the next tab before approving the next invoice.

'Could Not Find Document Location' Error

If User A mentioned User B on a document in Approvals, User B would receive a notification about this as normal. If this document was then moved to Archive or Exported/Archived, and User B tried to view the invoice via the notification, they would get a Could Not Find Document Location error.

This fix allows users to view mentions/documents from Notifications for invoices in any location.

Sorting Multiple Documents in Processing

When in Processing, if multiple invoices were grouped together on the same line, i.e.

If a user was clicking through each invoice, and requested a map 3rd invoice in the group, the user would be sent back to the start.

Now, if any action is performed on any invoice in the group, the user will be sent to the next invoice, rather than back to the start.

Purchase Orders: Email Icon Not Appearing

Due to a recent release, the email icon within the PO workflow wasn’t appearing, meaning users weren’t seeing if an email had been sent, and weren’t able to send an email from Panel 1.

The icon will now appear in Panel 1, allowing users to send the email and displaying if an email has already been sent.

Please Note: This will only appear if you have selected Email supplier when ordered during PO creation.

Deleting Invoices in Processing

If multiple invoices are received together in Processing, and the Qty column is greater than one, deleting the last invoice in the stack appears like the invoice hasn’t been deleted, until the page is refreshed.

Now, the invoice will delete instantly without refreshing once the user clicks Delete.

Sorting in My Tasks and Statements

Within these two pages, users were unable to sort documents by Supplier (My Tasks) or Bill Range/Reconciled? (Statements).

These buttons are now functional again, allowing users to sort ascending or descending by these columns.

Approval by Value by Supplier Visual Bug

When clicking between Suppliers, if Supplier A has an approval value set but Supplier B doesn’t, clicking from A to B would appear to copy the approval rule across both suppliers. The user would need to go back to their Supplier List and check each individually to get the correct approval rules.

Moving forward, only the approval rule set on the supplier will be displayed, values will not copy across suppliers.

Approval by Value Emails

Some users set up as Approvers for Approval by Value were receiving task approval emails for invoices which were below their threshold. For example, User A is set up for £1000, User B for £5000. An invoice is received for £2500, and is sent to both User A and B.

This fix stops the email and task from being sent to User B in this scenario, for invoices that are below their conditional value threshold.

Purchase Orders: Multiple Matches

In the scenario where an account has Auto-match full suggestions? Set to No, and a PO with one line has an exact match, we were previously displaying the matching suggestions as Multiples, with other partially matched lines to use.

If there is only one exact match in this scenario, we will only display this one line to match to, unless the user clicks Find Match to display other matches.

Purchase Orders: Error When Adding/Deleting Line in Draft Tab

When in the Draft tab in POs, if a user was to delete a line and add another, without saving in between actions, an Internal Server Error would occur when the user clicked Save at the end.

We have fixed the Error, allowing users to delete/add lines as needed without having to save in between actions.

Accounting Software: Xero - Exporting Timeout

Users who were exporting the maximum number of documents to Xero were having issues with the timeout period, previously set to 20 seconds. If the batch was taking longer than 20 seconds, it would timeout and users would see an error message in Lightyear.

We have increased this timeout period to 40 seconds to allow more time for larger documents to export across to Xero.

Receipt Extraction

Some accounts uploading Receipts were having an issues with the extraction, where it would seemingly get stuck on extraction, with no way to proceed. This was occurring when receipt totals contained commas instead of decimals e.g. $4,61.

We have changed how we handle commas in values in Receipts to match that of the Invoice extraction.


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