Utility Bills

Utility Bills

At Lightyear, bills passing through our system come in all shapes and sizes. This requires an adaptable approach to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our data mapping technology is becoming more versatile and capable as we grow, allowing us to extract more data from bills of varying complexity, but from time to time we come across bills that we may only be able to pull a limited amount of information from. 

Utility bills tend to be particularly difficult due to their formatting and complex breakdowns of the charges they contain. At Lightyear, we are dedicated to providing our customers with as much information as they require from a document, but sometimes this is not possible (although with future updates, the sky’s the limit) and we may have to consult with you to find a compromise. 

If you receive a map with less (or different) information than you had hoped for, please use our ‘Query Map’ tool to discuss your options with a member of our team. A better understanding of your needs may help us to provide you with a more comprehensive map.


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