What does it mean to "Query Map" and when would I use it?

What does it mean to "Query Map" and when would I use it?

One of the best features of Lightyear is our adaptability. Communication with customers allows us to cater more specifically to their needs, including in the creation of our maps. We hope that as we grow, customers will find already existing working maps more often than not but sometimes a customer may discover that they would like more or less information than provided. Rather than requesting a new map, customers can ‘query’ an already existing map, that we may be able to edit. 

In the processing tab, when a suggested map is presented you will see the option ‘Click to Query Map’.

Clicking this will allow the user to fill in the Query Map dialogue box. Please provide us with as much information as possible in order for our staff to fulfil your request to the best of our abilities. 

Upon submission, the Query symbol will appear beside the document in your processing tab, letting you know that it is awaiting assessment from one of our staff. 

Once the query has been addressed, the symbol will turn green. Please click the ‘Notes’ symbol to find the answer to your query. 

If our staff have requested more information, you can use this same process again to maintain this dialogue. 


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