Receipt Data Extraction

Receipt Data Extraction

Once a receipt has been uploaded, it will take a few minutes for us to extract the data from the receipt. You'll see the receipt image in your processing tab immediately, but you'll also be presented with the below in Panel 2. See here more information on how to upload your receipts.

Also notice the black icon to the right of the Subject, indicating that the file is a receipt. Once the receipt has been processed and the data has been extracted, this will turn green. Once the receipt has been processed, the extracted data will display in Panel 2.

As mentioned above, we will extract the following information:
  • Receipt Totals & Tax - We'll take the total amount from the receipt, and break this down into taxed and un-taxed totals
  • Receipt Date
  • Receipt Number
  • Supplier Name
Any of the information that has been extracted can be edited or adjusted as normal. Once you're happy, just select a Supplier from the drop down as you would with any other bill, and the receipt will move to the Approvals Tab.  If the supplier name is new then you simply need to create a new supplier from the processing tab, as you normally would for any new supplier. 

Moving forward, any receipts received from this same supplier will flow straight through to the Approvals Tab so long as the extracted supplier name is an  exact match to an existing supplier in Lightyear.  So, if the supplier details extracted from the receipt is Officeworks, and you have a Lightyear supplier called Officeworks, the receipt will immediately be associated with that Officeworks supplier, and move to the Approvals tab linked to that supplier.  But, if your Lightyear supplier is 'Officeworks Bondi Junction', Lightyear will not automatically associate the receipt with that supplier, meaning that the receipt will stay in your processing tab until you manually associate it with that supplier.

If we're unable to automatically extract a receipt number from a receipt uploaded via the Mobile App or the Processing tab, we'll instead auto-populate this field with the date of upload, followed by a digit to indicate how many receipts you have uploaded today. EG, if it was the third receipt you have uploaded, the Receipt Number would be populated with '080819-3'.


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