October 3rd Features and Releases

October 2018

October 25th - Statements !

Feature Releases

  • Statements:  This has been our number one requested feature over the past few months and we are delighted to announce the Statements Module is now live.  Statements sent into Lightyear can now be cross checked, reconciled and filed away in your filing cabinet. Just select a supplier and a date range and we'll link it to any relevant invoices making it easy to reconcile.  You can watch a quick video here, and find out more details here 
  • After approving an invoice, Lightyear will now automatically select the next invoice ready for approval. Please note - due to the ordering logic within Lightyear, sometimes the next bill selected may not be the next bill displayed in the In Tray
  • Invoices that were auto-forwarded from your Invitbox account are now flagged, letting you know which suppliers still need your new @lightyear.cloud mailing address.  Please Note - with the invitbox shut down date getting closer, it is Critical that you reach out to any suppliers and ask them to email directly into @lightyear.cloud


  • Added logic to deal with compressed image files being sent to Lightyear

October 23rd

Feature Releases

  • IMAGE UPLOAD TIME REDUCED:  The time taken to load images of bills has been greatly reduced throughout the app. We refactored the image resolution which is being sent to your browser when you select a bill, resulting in very little loss of image quality, but a large reduction in the time taken for the image to be presented to you in Panel 3.  See the below comparison, old on the left and new on the right.  PLEASE NOTE - This change will only impact Bills received after the 24th October 2018 AEST.

  • Added support for emailed Zip files, although we still recommend using unzipped attachments unless absolutely necessary

October 16th

Feature Releases

  • Tax Checker!   
    • Lightyear now warns you when it detects tax on an invoice from a Supplier that was marked as not registered for GST/VAT.  This is a great feature to keep your tax records accurate and flag any suppliers who may incorrectly overcharge GST/VAT

  • Filing Cabinet now shows up to two Tracking Categories if these are set up within your Accounting Software settings. The below example is from a Lightyear account connected to a QuickBooks Online account with Classes and Locations enabled

  • Executive users are now also required to have either Approval or Accounts Payable permissions.  A validation warning will present in the user profile section if you try to add a user with just executive permission.  this is now the same as Invitbox.
  • Search displays are now paginated to 50 results and search functionality has now been added to further settings sections.  Classes, Departments, Categories, Tax rates.

October 11th - Major Release

Feature Releases - 

  • Trashed bills can now be found and returned to the In Tray.  Search in filing cabinet, (include trash), to find the bill and then you can 'reinstate' the bill

  • Price checking feature has now been fully released into BETA!    Price Checker settings can be found in the left hand Nav Bar under 'Product Lists'.  Please ensure you have price checker enabled in the Company settings!   
    • Products that are overcharged show as a red in the Price field.  
    • Products that are the correct price show as dark green.
    • Products that are undercharged (nice!) show as light green.
  • Please note that bulk upload of price lists is not yet released and is scheduled for the next couple of weeks.  You can manually add price lists for now via product lists tab for now.  

  • Currency can now be changed for an individual supplier profile.  This will not change any historical bills for those suppliers that are already in the Filing Cabinet but will adjust any future bills for that supplier to the new Currency.   To action this, please go to Suppliers and 'edit' supplier.

  • Warning flags to indicate if the calculated Tax and Total boxes do not match the extracted value no longer disappear after using Save Changes in the In Tray, or after approving an invoice.  This change has been made based on user feedback.  We have also made improvements to ensure the correct data is being displayed.

October 8th

Feature Releases

  • Slight change to how tooltips for GL and Tax Codes appear in the Unknowns and In Tray. These now display when users hover their mouse over the dropdowns.

October 5th

Feature Releases

  • Improved messaging to keep you informed of the status of larger export batches which may take up to 30 seconds depending on the size.   

  • Added tool tips to the Unknowns tray to better explain some of the available options

  • Search function has been added to the Supplies dropdown in the Unknowns tray

October 3rd 

Feature Releases

  • Better search functionality across the app. Start typing within the GL codes, Tax Code or Supplier drop downs to quickly find what you need
GL SearchYou can now search to find what you need faster

  • Accurate feedback on billing failures: New on screen messages give you more info on why a transaction wasn't successful when purchasing a Lightyear plan for your business
  • Added a progress bar in Signed off tab, allowing you to see the export status of exports involving multiple invoices, which may take longer
  • Split/Group functionality in unknowns now works with image files, as well as PDFs. Great for sending in multiple page images in one attachment
  • You now have more controls over deleting attachments, allowing you to delete all attachments at once or just specific ones you don't need

  • Currency is now displayed on a line item level


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