November 2019

November 2019

November Feature Releases

  • Set accounting rules based on a unique keyword.

  • We have expanded our Rules Automation engine to now allow users to set GL code and or Tracking categories based on a unique Keyword for the same supplier.  This has been a much requested feature and will now allow Companies to auto-assign rules based on any keyword.  A real world example of where this is useful would be where you are receiving documents into One Lightyear account for multiple sites or locations.  You can now auto-assign documents relating to Site A to automatically code to a GL or tracking category, Site B to another and so on...  
  • More information is available here

    Bulk Approve / Delete Bills from Approvals & Processing

    1. You can now Approve and Trash Bills en mass from the Approvals tab.  Simply use the Bulk selector tick boxes and select 'Bulk Approve' or 'Bulk Delete'

  1. The Group Delete function is also available from the Processing Tab.


  1. Integration launched with Fedelta POS software.  More information here
  2. Users of API software partners (Xero, QBO, MYOB, Netsuite) can now export a list of their GL codes from Accountancy software settings. 
  3. In App product update notifications now pop up on screen and require user to dismiss.  
  4. When creating a new supplier from Map4Me process, Lightyear will now automatically populate the Supplier name and ABN from the Extracted data.   Users can still edit the supplier name if they wish to have a more personalised supplier name.
  5. Users can now select their existing companies to transfer Bills from within 'Bill transfer.  


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