May 2021

May 2021

Approval by Value

Users now have the ability to set up conditional approval by amount i.e. if a bill is over a certain amount, User A needs to approve it. If a bill is over another amount, User A and B need to approve it.

To switch this on, simply go to Company Settings > Invoice Approval Workflow. This feature is only available in a Double Approval workflow, as the conditional approval takes place in the Review Tab.

For full details about this release: click here!

Purchase Orders: 3-Way Matching

We have released this feature for live beta testing. If you want to get involved and hear more about this, please get in touch with a member of the team - either directly or through support.

Go To Last/Go To First

In Panel 3, users will now see buttons that allows them to directly navigate to the first and last pages of the PDF. Meaning those invoices with 80 pages will be easily navigated to see the total on the last page, or quickly get back to the first page.

Bug Fixes

Invoices Stuck in Processing

When manually entering invoices in Processing, clicking the 'Send to Approvals' button was appearing to do nothing, leaving the invoice stuck in Processing. If the user refreshed the page, they will see the invoice gone from Processing and in Approvals as expected.

This fix stops the invoice from getting stuck, and send it to Approvals without refreshing.

Lightyear Loading into Archive

When loading Lightyear, some users were sent to the Archive by default rather than the Dashboard, or My Tasks (depending on permissions).

Now, when Lightyear is loaded, all users will be sent to the Dashboard, if an Admin or regular user, or the My Tasks page, if a Task Approver.

Re-export to CSV

Any users who export from Lightyear into a CSV document were experiencing an issue from within the Archive, when trying to Re-export to CSV.

If the user searched for Exported Batches, clicked View Bill and returned to the Search tab - rather than showing the invoices from the selected Exported Batch, Lightyear was returning the invoices in Archive > All Bills. If clicking Re-export to CSV, the invoices from All Bills were being exported instead.

Now, when users follow this sequence of steps, Re-exporting will only export the invoices in the chosen Exported Batch.

Error Fetching Data in Supplier

While in the Supplier tab, some users were getting an 'Error Fetching Data' message, which prevented them from accessing any information about the supplier. This was caused by multiple addresses being created for a single supplier, which caused confusion when trying to find the information from our database.

We have fixed this for the affected suppliers, so users can now access this supplier information, and have prevented users from being able to create multiple addresses for a single supplier.

Emails Over 10MB Disappearing

If a user had a redirect email set up, and sent an invoice over 10MB into Lightyear, it wouldn't be forwarded to the redirect email.

We have fixed this issue now, so users will receive all invoices over 10MB back to their redirect emails, as we still cannot accept this large a file size.

Task Approver Name on Archive Export

Within Archive, if a user clicked Export to File on a set of 50+ invoices, only the first 50 invoices in the CSV would include the Task Approvers name.

Now, if you click Export to File from Archive, all information will be presented correctly, whether there are 50 invoices, or 500 invoices.


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