Manual Entry

Manual Entry

Lightyear customers love the fact that we can automate data extraction and GL coding for the vast majority of their bills, as well as auto-reconciling account statements. Rarely will there be a document that we can't extract data from automatically, but from time to time you might need to manually enter an invoice instead. You can read more about the types of documents Lightyear can receive and process here.

When do I need to manually enter a document?

In order for data extraction to be possible the document must be a system generated PDF, because real PDFs contain metadata which can be extracted. This metadata is what we use to create a map for data extraction.
If the document doesn't contain any metadata which can be extracted, it will be marked with this icon: 
which means that the document will need to be manually typed in.

If you send a map request for a document which doesn't contain any mappable metadata, our mapping team will return the document with a note to let you know this will need to be manually entered, so keep a lookout for any notes we have left you: 

How do I manually enter an invoice?

First, click on the invoice in question (it will become highlighted.) You can click on either of these options which appear in Panel 2 in order to manually enter an invoice:

This will then allow you to enter all relevant document details and Send to Approvals.

How do I manually enter a statement?

Same as above, first click on the statement to highlight it. In Panel 2 click the dropdown menu More:

Then select from the menu that appears Manually File Statement.

You'll then be asked to complete the following fields (which are mandatory:)
  • Supplier
  • Statement date
  • Bill date range

Once you have completed this, it will be filed with the rest of your statements in your Statements Tab.


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