June 2021

June 2021

Other: Transaction Type Identifier

For accounts connected to 'Other' under Accountancy Software, you can now add a Transaction Type Identifier to your export mappings.

Navigate to the Export Mappings page as normal, and on the right hand side of the screen, under Other Fields, you will see 2 extra boxes below Transaction Type Identifier.

Here, you will be able to set what your Bills and Credits are exported as on the CSV. For example, if you need all bills to be exported with an identifier of 'PI' for Purchase Invoice, and 'PN' for Purchase Note, you can enter these in the relevant fields. When doing this, don't forget to add the 'Transaction Type Identifier' to your Export Fields, and move it to the relevant position for importing to your Accountancy Software. 

AccountsIQ Integration Enhancement

Previously, when exporting to AccountsIQ, Lightyear was importing into the 'Item Invoices' area only. We have opened this up to give users the choice between this Items Invoice area, and the Batch Items area.

This option can be found within Accountancy > Accountancy Software Settings > Integration Type.

Other: Customisable Export Headers

Accounts which use 'Other' as their accountancy software have the option to customise what is exported as the CSV headers. 

Go to Accountancy > Export Mappings as normal, and create the export fields as required. Lightyear will display a number of pre-determined fields for you to export, with the option to change the name of the fields.

To do this, click the green pencil icon beside any of the fields you wish to change.

You will be given a popup to enter the Header Override into.

After clicking Confirm, this new header will display in the Header Override column, and this is what will be used on the CSV for importing to your accountancy software.

Purchase Orders: Task Approvers

When creating a Purchase Order, users can now select a Task Approver from the Create PO screen, which will automatically send the Approval Task once the PO has reached the Approval tab.

This can be done from the header of the PO, in the 'Approver' field.

Redirect Email

We have improved the experience for emails that have been rejected from Lightyear and sent to your redirect email.

If the attached file is under 5mb, the redirect email will contain a brief description of why the attachment could not be received, who the original sender was and the subject. This attachment will now be added to this redirect email. This will be similar to the below:

Files over the 5mb limit will continue to be sent via the old method.

Sunsystems Export: Category 2

When exporting to Sunsystems, column L of the CSV will include the Category 2 selected in Approvals.

This will only populate is Category 2 is turned on.

Approval by Value per Supplier

Recently, we released a feature to allow you to set up a company setting to send invoices to specific approvers based on the value of the invoice. We have taken this one step further, allowing you to add conditions for approval to each supplier. 
For details on how to use this, please click here.

Bug Fixes

Purchase Orders: Cannot Create PO

If a user was to click 'Create PO' too quickly after loading into the All Tab, the most recently used Supplier would default in the dropdown, preventing users from creating a new PO.

Now, users cannot click the Create PO button until everything in All has finished loading.

Turning off Approval by Value

When using Approval by Value, if this was to be switched off, any pending tasks were remaining on the Invoices. This would stop users from sending invoices through to the Signed Off tab, as Lightyear needed this task to be approved.

If Approval by Value has been switched off, previous pending tasks for approval by value will now be removed from invoices in Review.

Purchase Orders: Reference Field

After creating a PO, if a user filled in the Reference field in Panel 2, this would disappear once saved. Meaning any Reference was not visible within Lightyear, only on the PDF in Panel 3.

This Reference field will now stick when the PO is saved, and when moving between tabs.

Approval by Value: Cannot Sign Off

On some instances for invoices that met the conditional value for approval, users could not click the Sign Off button successfully. This was an issue relating to decimal places and rounding, which was getting confused when rounding up close to the conditional value amount.

Now, any invoices with 4 decimal places will successfully sign off when 

Purchase Orders: GRN Error

After creating a GRN for a Purchase Order, if a user was to add an extra line to the PO within the Ordered tab, Lightyear would display an error when trying to edit the existing GRN, due to this new line.

Moving forward, users should no longer face this issue, and will be able to create/edit GRNs for any new lines added.

Emailed Documents Not Recorded in Activity

Due to a recent release, users who were emailing their invoices to Lightyear, were not seeing this recorded within their Activity tab on each invoice.

We have restored this feature, so users will be able to see and trace the history of the email as normal. 

TIFF Files via Email

If a user was to email in a TIFF file, these were not displaying correctly in Panel 3, and users were forced to manually enter the document.

Now, when emailing TIFF files, these will be handled the same was as any other image format, and will extract correctly via OCR and can be mapped.

Purchase Orders: US Companies Showing Tax

In some US accounts, when creating a PO the total was appearing incorrectly as Lightyear was attempting to automatically add Tax in the background.

This has now been fixed - no tax will automatically be added unless entered as a line item on the PO.

Panel 2 Freezing When Paperclip In Use

When in Approvals, when clicking between invoices with added attachments through the Paperclip feature, Panel 2 was freezing. This would prevent users from seeing the Panel 2 information for the selected invoice, only showing the last selected invoice.

With this fix, users will see the correct information in Panel 2, and the Paperclip feature will not cause any issues.

Incorrect Currency Used in Approvals

If Lightyear had mapped a Currency on an invoice, but in your account, you had set a Default Currency which was different from the mapped currency, Lightyear would automatically use the mapped currency. For example, if an invoice is mapped in USD, but you want to process and pay it in AUD, the USD currency was sticking.

Now, when a Default Currency is set on a supplier, Lightyear will always choose this, regardless of what has been mapped.


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