June 2020 New Features and Releases

June 2020

The following are the releases, updates and new features added to Lightyear in June 2020

User Avatar in the Activity Section

If a user has a Profile Picture uploaded on their Lightyear User Profile, we will now display the profile picture in the activity section and notes within the lightyear interface. Another great feature that makes it even easier to see who has actioned various processes on a document. 

Automatically Route Bills to a specific user for Approval

Now, in addition to our existing 'multi-site ID' feature which allows you to assign Gl's and categories automatically based off a characteristic on a Bill, we have added the ability to add a specific approver to that custom ID as well.  This means, that when you tell lightyear to pick up on a specific piece of information on an invoice, and that that invoice must be sent to a specified account in Lightyear, that you can now set a specific user as well. When the invoice comes through for approval, the chosen user will then have to approve.

This is a helpful and important feature for those invoices that need one user in particular to approve, i.e large amounts etc.

Simply select the relevant user from the drop down in the screenshot shown below. 

Remember to click UPDATE to ensure your settings are saved.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Notes Icon Previewing

Now, you can click on the Notes Icon -  when in Lightyear for a quick preview of the previous 3 notes. You can also reply in this pop out screen.  This means you no longer have to go to activity and look at your notes, thus covering the data from the invoice. Now, within this new pop out screen you can review, reply and continue as normal without having to change anything on you interface.

Click the note Icon once to show the pop up window. The pop up window (shown below) will give you the ability to reply and review the previous 3 notes all in one small window. You can double click the note icon to show all notes if you wish.

The notes have not moved, this is just an additional feature

Show Approver and Exporter in Archive

You can now quickly determine who has approved and who has exported every invoice within lightyear using the Archive. You can customise the columns shown on the archive and show what you need most and hide what you do not need to see. The archive, when set to show approver and exporter will show like this:

To learn how to filter your column view see this KB link - Filtering the Archive

Export Approver/Exporter Report from Archive

You can also export a report that shows the rundown of each approver and exporter from your archive. As shown above, you can select columns you want to see in your report. Click Export and save the CSV as you wish.

To customise the columns you need to see in Archive, simply click the three small dots to the top left of panel one.  

Then you can select from the drop down menu, those you want to show or hide from your column views in panel one.
Once you are happy with the layout you will see all relevant and selected columns are showing. Here I have selected Supplier, Bill date, Bill No., PO No., Approver, Exporter, Goods etc.

You can then click the green "EXPORT TO FILE" button to export this as a csv file and use in reporting. The above Columns will show in your CVS export.

You will then see the file download and save in your preferred location (usually downloads).

Internal Messaging and Notifications Panel

You can now message, tag, respond and approve in Lightyears new internal messaging panel. Alongside the function to add notes and send bill tasks from within lightyear, we have created a fantastic messaging interface that sits nicely to the right of you screen. You can now grab you colleagues attention by using the "@" symbol followed by the required users name to give them a mention in the notes section. That user will then receive a notification on their screen and (if notifications are turned on in the Lightyear Mobile app) on their mobile device.

You can use this to quickly approve, highlight an issue, respond and reach out to people on your team, instantly. Here's how it looks:

You can see that I have been mentioned in the notes section. And will receive an alert on the "@" symbol to the top right of the screen. Clicking that icon opens the notifications panel where I can reply etc.

To learn more, here's our full Knowledge Base on this new feature HERE.

Tax Setup at Supplier Level Fixed for Manual Entry

We had a previous bug, where any user that was entering an invoice manually and selecting the supplier was not seeing the suppliers details populate automatically on the data. For example, the GL and Tax of the supplier information that was setup and worked for mapping, would not work and auto apply to a manually entered invoice.

This has now been fixed, and selecting the supplier on a manual entry level will now collate all supplier details to line data on the invoice automatically. 


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