July 2021

July 2021

Grouping GL Data

When exporting to your selected Accountancy Software, users now have the option to export the Grouped GL data used on the line items of an invoice. Rather than 500 line items split across 3 GL Codes, users can now group this information and export the summarised 3 lines. 

For the full article on how this works, click here!

Do Not Populate GL Code

Users now have the option to choose not to populate the GL code on all invoices at a Company level.

This can be done from Accountancy > Accountancy Software Settings > 'Automatically apply GL Codes on line item level?' - No.

When set to No, Lightyear will ignore all Product Code, Supplier Defaults, Keyword Rules and Description Rules which have been set up to automatically apply GL Codes.

Purchase Order Ingestion

For the full article on this release, click here!

Users now have the ability to upload Purchase Orders to be mapped and ingested into the PO workflow.

POs can be uploaded in a similar way to Invoices - the only difference is that you will need to select a Document Type when uploading the PO.

This can be done from Processing, click the Upload button, and select the file up upload. Once in the Document Upload modal, make sure to change the Document Type:
Once mapped, select the Supplier and click Send to PO.

Depending on your settings, the ingested PO will go to the Pending Approval, Approved or Ordered tab. To change this, go to Company Settings > Purchase Order > PO Extraction.

Saving Sort Between Tabs

When switching between tabs in the Approvals workflow (i.e. Approvals, Review, Signed Off, etc.), the sort applied to each column will save.

For example, in Approvals if you sort your bills in ascending order by Supplier, then change tabs to Review, when you go back to Approvals, your invoices will remain in ascending order by Supplier.

These sorting orders will save independently per tab, meaning you can apply one sorting order in Approvals, and another in Review, etc.

Filtering Documents

Users can now apply a filter in the Approvals workflow to display a narrower result of documents. This will be helpful in the case where users have 500 documents in Approvals, and only want to see the documents for a specific supplier, using a certain category.

This can be done by clicking the filter icon to the top right of the Header in Panel 1.

A filter can be applied to the Department, Supplier and Categories columns. Clicking the drop down menu on one of these filters will give you the option to select specific Supplier (in this example) to display within the tab. Only the documents that meet the criteria will be displayed.

Users are able to select multiple filters across the columns to narrow the search as required.

Clearing the results can be done individually by clicking the Clear on each filter dropdown, or by clicking the X to clear all filters.

Input Field Enhancements

Lightyear will now mimic other accounting software in the way values are entered into Panel 2, making entry more seamless. Input fields will be fixed until users click out of the field.

This enhancement will make it easier to backspace/clear the field and enter - symbols to indicate negative values, which some users previously had difficulty with.

The Subtotal, Tax and Total values in Panel 2 will only update once users have finished inputting the value and clicked elsewhere.

Purchase Orders: Special Characters

When creating a PO in Lightyear, users who entered special characters, such as Unicode symbols, into the description fields were getting errors.

We have now increased the type of characters which can be entered into the description field, to allow users to enter the descriptions as required. 

Bug Fixes

Issues when Deleting the Lightyear Mobile App

Users of the Lightyear Mobile App experienced some issues if the app had been deleted from their mobile, after a period of being unused. The main issue was linked to Approval Tasks unable to send to the user of the mobile app.

Now, if the app is deleted, users won't experience any issues and tasks can be freely sent without error!

Approval Task Emails Not Received

We had a couple scenarios where users were not receiving emails when approval bill tasks had been sent.

The first was for users set up as a Manager through Manager Approval. If the first user approved the task, the Managers were not receiving the emails to allow task approval.

Second was also for Managers in accounts with Auto Approve turned on. If the first user approved the task, the invoice is sent straight through to Review, without being sent to the Manager.

Both these bugs have now been fixed - tasks will be sent to Managers for both scenarios, and the invoice will remain in Approvals until both the first user and Manager have approved.

Accountancy Software: Other - Credit Identifier Issues

Accounts using 'Other' as their software have the option to export credit lines as positives. These accounts also have the option to export a 'Transaction Type Identifier', which would indicate if a line is a invoice or credit.

When these were used together, all credit lines were flipped to positives, as expected, but the Transaction Type Identifier always indicated an 'Invoice'.

Now, when exporting with these 2 options, we will indicate whether the line is an Invoice or Credit, while keeping all values positive.

Data Not Displaying After Switching Company

For users who have multiple companies within Lightyear, changing between 2 was causing an issue with the data being displayed. This was related to the dashboard data, notifications and Panel 2 information in the Approvals workflow.

This fix prevents this from happening, users will be shown only the information relevant to the account they are in.


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