Changing Lightyear email address

How do I change my Company name or Lightyear email address?

Has your company name changed and you need to update your details in Lightyear?

That's not a problem. You can change your 'Company Name' and/or 'Trading Name' via the Company Profile section.

Navigate to the top right of your screen, you'll see your name and avatar icon. Click the drop-down and select Company Profile

In this section you can click the relevant boxes that you need to update.

Do you also need your Lightyear email address changed? i.e your '' address? We can change your Lightyear email address for you, just email us at and let us know exactly what you need.

Please note that changing your email address can be troublesome for you as all your suppliers will need to be notified prior to the change. We recommend you to email them all beforehand saying that from a particular date they will need to send it to your new address.
If you do change your email address we can setup a temporary account using your original Lightyear address, this way if suppliers do send invoices to the old address they wont go astray, as you can easily transfer the invoices to your new one. If you would like this please call us or email

If you want to change your email address that you log in with, then this can be done within your 'My Profile' in the Admin tab. For full instructions click here.


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