Emailing your Suppliers

Emailing your Suppliers

You can email your suppliers directly from the Approvals tab. You may want to do this in the case of a discrepancy or mistake on an invoice you've received.

To do this, head into the Approvals tab, select a bill and click the green Email Supplier button.

You'll get a pop up, allowing you to enter the supplier's email address, and a custom note.

A copy of the original bill will automatically be attached to the email as a PDF, with the subject line " Invoice No: XXX & Query". Once the email is sent, the bill will automatically be moved to your Disputed Tab while you wait for a response. You'll notice an Email icon on the bill letting you know that an email has been sent to this supplier.

Note that the From address on the email will be your accounts email address. Make sure you have your Forwarding Email set up in Company Settings, in case your suppliers replies to this instead of the usual address you would communicate with them from.


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