Step 1: Connect your Accounting Software

Step 1: Connect your accounting software

Lightyear is an award winning automation application, but ultimately you will want to get your payables data into your accounting software.  In order to sync with your accounting software's suppliers, tax rates etc, and send your purchase data to your accounting software, we will need to connect to your accounting software.  

Here's a video on how to connect your accounting software. 

Connect to your Accounting Software from Lightyear on Vimeo.

We want to make connecting to your Accountancy Software system as simple as possible, so where possible we will either create a connection to your accountancy software via an API with our SaaS integration partners, or alternatively pre-format an export file which matches the requirements of your Accountancy Software. 

You can access these settings under Settings > Accountancy on the left hand Nav Bar.

Connect to your Accounting Software

Within the Accountancy Software section, you'll be presented with a dropdown of all supported Accountancy Software integrations (see our website's Partners page. )

Setup of each software will differ, so please be sure to check our Accounting Integrations list to view steps specific to your chosen software.

Once you've connected your Accountancy Software, you can move on to the next step to Set your Tax Rates.


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