Email suppliers in Lightyear

3 ways to collaborate more efficiently with your suppliers

 Lightyear has features to email your suppliersfor ease of collaboration. This article will take you through the different email avenues within Lightyear and relevant settings for set up. 

You can use the Lightyear email to send POs, raise a dispute and chase missing bills for ease of reconciliation with your Suppliers. Skip ahead if you feel the need:
  1. Email Settings
  2. Where to save your supplier email addresses
  3. When to Email Suppliers in Lightyear

Email Settings

Head over to Company Settings > Scroll to the bottom to review your sender email settings.

Sender email address is where you want the emails from Lightyear to appear "from" wih your choice between your lightyear email address (as default) or a specific external email address. If you opt for an external email address, you will be prompted to enter the email address and verify this email. An Amazon link will be sent to the designated email address for verification, click on the provided link to complete this step. 

Alternative Response Email is where the supplier who wish to respond would send their emails to. Here you can choose between the person who was logged in at the time and triggered the email as the auto-filled email for response OR you can designate a specific reply email address. 

Once you've adjusted your settings as needed, click 'Update Settings' to save your changes.

Where to save your supplier email addresses

You can save your supplier email addresses via the Supplier settings. 

These will then apply in relevant areas of the apps, e.g. Orders Email when sending Purchase Orders, Accounts Email for disputes/following up missing bills etc.

When to Email Suppliers in Lightyear

Sending Purchase Orders

In the PO Module, you can choose to automate or manually trigger emails from within Lightyear. Once a PO is approved and ready to order, you can email your POs to your supplier.

You can choose to customize the defualt message in COmpany Settings > Purchase Orders Tab > Update the message section and tick the 

Disputing a bill with Suppliers

From Approvals, you can select More > Email Supplier and drop a note as per the animation below. It's designed for a quick note sent off to the supplier with a copy of the bill you've received so they know which bill you're referring to. 

Once the note is sent, Lightyear will automatically move the item to "Disputed" with a log of the communication tracked under Activity.

Once the issue is resolved you can Return the bill back through the approvals workflow. Depending on your settings, the supplier will either response back to the user who is logged in or to a specific email address. 

Keep in mind if you have selected an alternate address, users may not be aware of this setting and believe they have not been receiving communications back from the supplier, so if you opt for this setting make sure your teams are aware and know who to reach out to for follow ups

Request a missing bill from Suppliers

When you're doing your end of month statement reconcilications, and you notice some missing bills. You can email your supplier with two clicks in Lightyear without having to type out all your missing bill numbers. Think of all the time that will save! 

Then as the supplier emails the bills back into the account, you'll start to see them matching up and auto-reconcile your statement when they're all received. That way you're only looking at those that need your attention and to deal with the exceptions. 

And there you have it. 3 easy ways Lightyear will email your suppliers to lighten the workload and give you back some time.


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