Task reminders and notifications

Can I get notifications/emails of approval tasks to complete & account activity?

You most certainly can. 

Each User can set these up through their profile in Lightyear. Click here for the My Profile guide under the Communications Preferences which explains what's involved.

You can choose to activate the following preferences:
  1. Email notifications giving you a snap shot of documents sitting in each of your accounts. 
  2. Email notifications of your Approval Requests. This will email the user every time an approval task is assigned to a Lightyear user.

Snapshot email of documents in your accounts

You can also subscribe to receive notifications of your account activity on a daily/weekly/monthly basis of your choosing. 

This will show you how many bills are in each tab of your accounts with those in brackets indicating items unread as seen below. 

To activate these, head over to My Profile > Communication Preferences > Receive Lightyear activity notifications

Emails notifications of Approval Requests

To activate these, head over to My Profile > Communication Preferences > Receive email notifications for approval requests. 

You can action those tasks from within the email or via the "Communications" section, found by clicking the icon below.

The Task Approvals Screen

Let's take a look at the task approval screen while we're here. Click on Communications (as above), you will open up a screen devoted to pending, sent and previously sent tasks. Each tab will show who the task was sent to and when, with the action that the approver had put on the approval.

Firstly, this screen has 3 tabs. Shown below in red. Lets take a look into what these tabs show us, and what information is available per task.

Received Tab

The "Received" tab, show you current tasks that you have received for app and that will need action by you. Anything you see in this tab needs your approval or your decision before the sender will receive your response on their screen. Three easy steps, click the invoice to review, click one of the three buttons (Approve, Reject or Un-assign), then click send. These steps are shown below.

You also have a run down of the current task sender. For example, below you can see under the "FROM" header, I was sent this task by Miri. The Task status lets me know that my tasks are currently pending. 

Actioned Tab

In the "Actioned" tab, you will be able to look back at the past tasks that you have approved etc. Much like the Received tab, you can use the headers to gather information on each.

Here you can see all of my tasks have been authorised. Obviously if I had rejected or chosen another response, this would be reflected too. 

Sent Tab

The "Sent" tab, allows us to review the tasks the we have previously sent to a user. The great part about this tab, is rather than having to go and search my archive, or in my approvals tab for a particular task that I may have sent a while back and who I sent it too, I can view it all here in one panel. You'll notice below, that the Sent tab is showing us the information we need as per usual, but also we have a "sent to" header and a "status" header. So at a glance, I know who I sent which invoice to and where it is on its journey to being actioned.

Remember that in all of the above mentioned tabs, you can click the invoice to look at some information on each in panel 2.


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