April 2022

April 2022

29th April

Accounting Software: Sage Intacct: Dimensions 🎉

We have released the ability to sync Sage Intacct Dimensions into Lightyear. Users can select up to 2 Dimensions to be coded on Bills/Credit Notes and exported into Sage Intacct.

For more information on how these work, click here.

27th April

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Order Modal Not Appearing

When users were creating POs and clicking the Order Now button, the Order modal was not appearing, meaning users needed to manually send the PO to the Supplier.

This has been fixed and the Order modal will be triggered when Order Now is clicked.

Bug Fix: Purchase Order: Conditional Approval Fixes

The following issues around Conditional Approval have been fixed:
  1. An issue where users could click Order Now and skip Conditional Approval from the Create PO screen
  2. An issue where users could Email the Supplier while Conditional Approval tasks where Pending in the Approved tab
  3. An issue where Conditional Approvals weren't triggering after a normal approval task was approved
  4. An issue where Conditional Approval tasks weren't triggering when a user clicked the Approve button in Create PO screen

22nd April

Bug Fix: Mobile App: Viewing Document Image

Users were seeing an issue on the mobile app, both iOS and Android, where clicking the document wouldn't display the PDF image.

This has been resolved, allowing users to see the PDF as expected.

Enhancement: Mobile App: Uploading Documents

All users, regardless of permission, will be able to Upload documents via the Mobile App.

14th April

Purchase Orders: CSV PO/GRN Encoding

We have added the ability to select the Encoding type for each CSV Purchase Order or CSV GRN upload. This is to help prevent documents from getting stuck during upload due to special characters. If the content of the document doesn't match the Encoding type selected, the upload will fail and the user will have to try again.

13th April

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Export Lines Report Unit Price Incl Tax

Previously, the Unit Price Incl Tax column on the PO Line Item report was showing the Excl Tax amount.

This has been updated to show the correct Incl Tax amount.

Bug Fix: Document Upload Failures

In Processing, some documents uploaded were getting stuck on OCR and the image in Panel 3 wasn't displaying due to the file names containing non us-ascii characters e.g. non breaking spaces.

These file names will be corrected by us upon upload so this issue won't occur going forward.

11th April

Purchase Orders: Line Item and Summary Reporting

Users will now be able to export enhanced reports from Lightyear for their PO data. These reports are split into Line Item and Summary data, which will include different columns, depending on the type of report being exported. Some of the columns included in each are as follows:

Line Item: Departments, PO Number, PO Date, Product Code, Description, Quantity, Unit Price, Line Amount, GL Code, GRN Status, GRN Quantity, Matching Status, Where?, Doc Open/Closed.
Summary: Departments, PO Number, PO Date, Subtotal, Tax, Total, Approver, Conditional Approver(s), Email Sent?, Where?, Doc Open/Closed.

For full information on the details of these reports and how to export them, click here.

Enhancement: Purchase Orders: CSV GRN Logic

To match what the PO CSV import and PO Mapping logic are doing, we have changed the CSV GRN import to a fuzzy match. 

This will allow for slight name variances, and allow for spaces between words in the Supplier Name when importing a GRN via CSV to Lightyear.

Accountancy Software: NetSuite: Connecting to NetSuite

NetSuite has made some changes on how Lightyear accounts need to connect to NetSuite accounts.

Accounts currently connected to NetSuite will not have to change anything, and can continue to export as normal.

New Lightyear accounts, or existing accounts that disconnect/reconnect to NetSuite, will need to follow the process documented here to connect to NetSuite.


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