Why is Lightyear slower than usual?

Why does my Lightyear App appear to be running slower than expected?

With Lightyear being a web based applications, there are a few common factors that could cause the app to run slower than usual, or slow down over time. If you noticed any sort of degradation in performance, there are a few things you can check.
  • Your internet speed - While your internet speeds may generally be fine, external factors can cause them to fluctuate and sometimes run slower than usual. Doing a quick speed test will let you know if you're experiencing general internet issues. If this is the case, we advise speaking to your ISP for more information. 
  • Viewing an especially large bill - If the bill you're trying to view has multiple pages or the map that's applied is extracting a large number of lines, this can cause the system to slow down until Lightyear loads all the data that needs to be presented. We're continuously taking steps to improve this, but just be aware that larger bills may take longer to load.
  • Accounting data - This includes your Suppliers, GL Codes and Tracking Categories. If you have a large number of these, this can cause the app to slow down in the Approvals and Processing Tab, as Lightyear needs to load all of these before you would be able to assign them to a bill. If you have a large number of Suppliers, GL Codes or Tracking Categories, consider making them inactive or deleting any that you may no longer need to use.
If there are any system wide issues on our end that are causing issues with the app's performance, we will generally notify users with an in app notification. 


    Check out release notes for Q2 2021

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