What is a map

What is a map? And how do I find and use a map?

Okay, so first things first.  What's a map?

A map is what Lightyear calls the key to unlock the data from a PDF bill.  The map tells the Lightyear servers where to look for your data on the bill from a supplier. For example, the position of the invoice number, the date, line items, prices, total, etc.

When Lightyear asks you to Find, Try, or Use a map, just think of yourself back in the 80's with a telephone directory.

Let's say you want to get in touch with Microsoft.  Back then you would look up a telephone directory, find Microsoft under M (Find a map) and you would try the numbers listed (Try Map) until you found one that you liked.  You would then use that one (Use Map) and save it!

Well that's how you would look for and use an Lightyear map.

How do I search for a map?

When you click on a bill in your Processing Tab, Lightyear will open the file and look for unique fields to identify which supplier the PDF belongs to. If successful, Lightyear suggests working maps in Panel 2.

If no map is suggested, this does not mean that none exist in our database. Click the 'Find Map' button and you'll be presented with this pop up:

Simply use your preferred search criteria to find a map for your supplier's PDF. Once you find one that extracts the data you need, you just use it. Different maps extract different data for different requirements, hence more than one map may exist for your document.

If there is no map that extracts what you need, you can request a new map via the blue Map for Me** button.

How do I use a map?

Once you have searched for a map using your preferred search criteria, click on the correct supplier displayed. (If it is not there, click the blue Map For Me** button.)

Lightyear will suggest a list of available maps that extracts various criteria of data. Read more about the different levels of data extraction here.

If you wish to try a different map, select a map on the list, then click Try Map. Again, if you are unhappy with, or no map exists for your file simply click Map for Me.

Next Step - Once you have chosen a map, select the relevant Lightyear supplier from the 'Supplier' dropdown list.

If a supplier doesn't yet exist in your account, select the dropdown menu and click the green + Supplier option at the top.

Enter any necessary information and default coding and click Create Supplier.

With your existing or new supplier selected, click the Use Map button to confirm. This will add the map, supplier defaults and better still, it will remember these details. The next time this invoice is received from your supplier, the map will auto-apply and push the invoice straight through to your approvals workflow.


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