Step 10: Tips and Tricks

Step 10: Tips and tricks

Here are some Tips & Tricks to help you maximise efficiencies and make your experience smoother.

Whether it be staying on top of the regular releases or tips that will make life easier, have a look below for some Lightyear life hacks.

Get social

Follow us on social to keep up to date on all things Lightyear, accounts payables and cloud accounting. You can find us on these channels here:


Click on the links to take you to our social pages and you can post a message with #lightyearcloud

Faster logins

To save you Googling Lightyear everytime and logging in via our website where you have to click "Login", bookmark the login page and save yourself the extra clicks!

Bookmark me: 

See it appear on your bookmark bar with our logo and name next to it! With your credentials saved (based on your browser), it's one click to Login. Bypass all the extra to save you time!


For those who like to keep an eye on all their accounts, don't forget you can turn on notifications so you get a snapshot emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly - your choice.

See this article to help you set this one up. 

Download your bill

Now, this might not be a big one, but it does make life easier rather than having to print bills or 3 clicks to save as a pdf or emailing bills to yourself to get your hands on a copy of a bill. 

Simply download a bill with a click of a button on Panel 3. Presto. You can now find it at the bottom of your browser waiting for you. 


Just like you would with real paper, you can paperclip supporting attachments to selected documents. You can do so via the paperclip function.

Stay up to date

We're an agile team. That means the hardworking developers at HQ are constantly pushing out more enhancements and new features at great speed.

To stay up to date, you can check out our release notes to find out what's been released and when. You can find these in the New Releases and Improvements section of the knowledge base or just under the login screen. 

Earn Rewards

Nothing beats word of mouth. So if you're loving what you see, we'd love to send a thank you for each successful Refer A Friend

What's the deal, you say? You get a £200 (UK)/$400 (ANZ) Amazon Voucher when they buy their first plan. (UK and ANZ applicable offer only).

Just remember to send your code when they sign up! Which can be found under your name in the drop down menu in the top right corner: 

Read on for more details.

And that's it! You've come to the end of the 10 steps.

If you'd like to see a tip or trick, feel free to submit your ideas to


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