Tell your Approvers what to do

Tell your Approvers what to do

To help bring your Approvers up to speed on the changes re Lightyear, we've provided a template letter to send out to your Approvers via email. Copy and paste the written content below and customize to your liking or download the .doc file attach for ease of mail merging.

Template Letter for Approvers



Dear Approver,

As part of our effort to improve the way we do business, we have recently implemented an Intelligent Accounts Payable and Procurement software called Lightyear. Lightyear will enable us to automate our accounts payable process in an all in one easy to use platform. The implementation, therefore, of this new system will introduce some changes to the way we currently process and approve our invoices. Please note that these changes are effective immediately.

Listed below are several key benefits that come with using Lightyear, some of which are particularly beneficial to your role as an Approver, these include:  

  • Faster approvals process, leading to faster payment to your suppliers & earlier settlement of debts

  • Only approve what is meant for you

  • Receive notification reminders

  • Less email traffic 

  • Mobile app allowing for on-the-go approvals

  • Full audit trail

  • Invoice duplicate flag

  • Dispute directly from within Lightyear

  • No more paper & all associated costs, i.e., printing, postage, and environment

  • No more lost bills

  • No data entry errors into our inventory & accounting systems at our end

As an Approver, you will be able to log into using an email address and password. Once logged in, you will be able to approve the necessary invoice(s) from within the Lightyear account. Once the invoice has made its way through our approvals workflow and has been signed off, we will then be able to export it directly from Lightyear into our accountancy software. 

What you need to do next as an Approver

You will receive a welcome email from the following address containing a link to register your Lightyear profile. This link will expire in 5 days so please log in as soon as possible. 

Real PDFs

Lightyear requires that a system generated PDF is the format in which documents are sent into the system in order to ensure the highest accuracy of data extraction. We, therefore, will request that our suppliers email their invoices to Lightyear as real PDFs as they contain the metadata which Lightyear reads. If a real PDF is not possible, Lightyear’s OCR technology can extract the data from image files in certain formats, however, the quality of the image must be good. Please bear these requirements in mind so we can offer support to our suppliers and in turn, benefit from Lightyear as swiftly and effectively as possible. 

Further information on ‘what is a system generated PDF’ can be found here.

Further information on ‘OCR’ can be found here.

A little more about invoices in Lightyear, if you’re interested…

When an invoice lands into Lightyear, all line-item details (product names, product descriptions. product codes, quantities) are extracted with 100% accuracy, in real time, from the electronic bill with coding applied to each line item (GL codes, tax rates, categories, classes, department and more). Lightyear will check the bill to ensure the GST/VAT is correct and can price check each line item against our agreed price list (if applicable).

The bill then enters a robust and intuitive approvals workflow. Each bill is sent to the correct person for approval at each stage in the approvals process.

Line item detail on each bill is then exported to accounting software in a 1-click process, and your inventory levels can be exported into inventory software too.

Each bill is then stored in the Lightyear cloud for the regulatory period for your country/region.

For more information please visit

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,


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