Tax Office Compliant Storage

Tax Office Compliant Storage

Once a bill is exported, Lightyear will store the bills online in the cloud for your regulatory period. 

How annoying is it, when you have to go digging through your filing cabinets for that old bill from last year or even the year before? How long does it take for you to find the one you're after. Imagine someone doing that for you? Well, imagine no more since Lightyear can find the bill you're looking for! Plug in your bill details in the search filters, and Lightyear will serve up the bills that match the criteria straight to you. 

This means you'll retain access to the bill data (including Supplier Name, Bill Numbers, Bill Dates, Due Dates) and bill images. Any notes made and the activity log will be kept on the bill with the user who performed any actions along with the date/time stamped. 

Come audit time, you can simply grant your auditor access with Auditor permissions and they'll obtain access to the Archive with read only access.

Read on about the Archive for more information on searching bills, viewing bills and running reports.


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