Signed Off Tab

Signed Off Tab

Watch this video for a quick run through of the Signed Off tab: 

The Signed Off tab is where bills stay until you choose to export them to your accounting software.

You can export bills in batches or individually, just select the invoices you'd like to export by ticking the checkboxes. 

For more information about exporting from Lightyear to your accountancy software, choose the relevant help section from here.

Why can't I edit the bill's data?

You will notice that the information in Panel 2 is locked and no longer editable, apart from the ability to add a note, which you can still do.

If you need to edit any information on the bills in the Signed-Off Tab you will first need to move the bill back to either the Review Tab or the Approvals Tab. Any bills in your Signed-Off Tab should be ready for export.

Why can I only export 50 bills at a time? 

Let's say you have 75 bills waiting to be exported. Lightyear only allows you to export 50 bills at a time in order to keep the exporting fast and manageable.  So 75 bills would create 2 exports, one of 50 and one of 25.

What happens when you click export?

When you decide to export from the Signed Off Tab, every bill you have selected in the tab will be exported, 50 bills at a time. 

For each accountancy software, the actual data that gets exported is slightly different. This is determined both by your accountancy software company and what we consider to be best practice.  For further information you should check the relevant help section on your accountancy software here.

Lightyear sends to your accounting software the row information, excluding taxes, plus a label telling your accounting software which tax rate to apply to the amount.  This is why it is important for you to ensure that the Tax Rate set is correct.

It is EXTREMELY important that Subtotal, Tax and Total figures match are the figures you want to appear in your accounting software before you export otherwise the values in your accounting software will not match the bill.


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