September 2022

September 2022

23rd September

Purchase Orders: Unvoid

We have added the ability to Unvoid a PO that was previously Voided.

To do so, head into Archive and find the PO you're looking for. Click Unvoid in Panel 2:

Please Note: Only Admin users will have the ability to do this. 

22nd September

Enhancement: Supplier Credit Terms

We have added additional options to our Supplier Credit Terms to give users greater control over the Due Date of a Bill or Credit Note. These include:
  1. Do Not Populate - This will leave the Due Date field empty
  2. From Bill Date - Allows users to select a number of days. E.g. 10 days from Bill Date will populate the Due Date as 10 days after the extracted Bill Date
  3. From End of Month - Allows users to select a number of days E.g. 10 days from End of Month will populate the Due Date as 10 days after the end of the current month
  4. Due on Receipt - This populates the Due Date as the same date as Bill Date
  5. Use Extracted Due Date - Due Date will be the date extracted per the map
For full details on how to set Supplier Credit Terms, click here.


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