September 2019

September 2019

September 10th

Feature Releases

Parent Dashboard

Hot on the heels of our Single Company Dashboard (Released 6th September), we have today released our Parent Dashboard. If you're a user of more than one company, the Parent Dashboard will be your new landing page when you log into Lightyear, give you an in depth overview of all your accounts in an way that's easy to digest.  Check out our guide to Dashboards and the Parent Dashboard here


  1. Communications has been renamed to 'My Tasks'.  This more accurately reflects the purpose of this function, which is to approve task and view sent tasks.
  2. Billing and users has been moved under the collapsible settings Menu.  These functions are not accessed regularly and customer feedback has suggested that they are better placed within the collapsable settings menu to de-clutter the left hand navigation menu.

September 6th

Feature Releases

  • Dashboards
    Welcome to the new Lightyear home page! When you log into Lightyear, you'll now be taken to our new Dashboard, designed to give you an immediate overview of your Lightyear account. Your new Dashboard will give you a breakdown of each tab in the Approvals Workflow. See how many bills need actioned, which ones are approaching their due date and more.

    Click here for a full guide to the new Dashboard

    For now this is for Standalone accounts, but we'll shortly be launching Dashboards for accounts that use a Parent/Child structure

  • Email Notifications
    To tie in with our new Dashboards, users can now enable email notifications to receive Daily, Weekly or Monthly updates on any bills that may require your attention. See below for an example email, which only displays bills relevant to you and any departments you may be a user of. Click here for a full guide to Email Notifications.


  • Duplicate batch fix


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