Bills with "scrambled" metadata

Bills with "scrambled" metadata

Some bills are being generated with metadata that doesn't represent the data being displayed. On the PDF the information looks readable, however no useful data can actually be extracted. 

                                            Original PDF View                                                 View of the Metadata 

As you can see on the screenshot above the data which is actually within the invoice is of poor quality and consists primarily of symbols, digits and empty spaces. No useful information can be extracted from the invoice in this format.


Can these invoices still be processed through Lightyear?

Absolutely! You can manually enter any invoice which cannot be mapped for automatic extraction.

You can also request your supplier to email the invoice directly into Lightyear if they are not already doing so - our OCR technology might be able to read this invoice as if it were a scan.

In order for us to use OCR to attempt to map an invoice with scrambled metadata, it must be emailed directly into Lightyear from the supplier. 


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