optimal Scanner Settings

Scanner Settings for optimal performance

To ensure Lightyear's OCR extraction technology delivers the best results, adhere to the following guidance when scanning documents
  1. OCR will work best with at least 150DPI .  We recommend to set your scanner to 300DPI to provide an accurate image but keep your file size low to increase loading time.  
  2. The maximum file size for an OCR bill is 5MB, as opposed to the standard 10MB
  3. Where possible, use the scanner feeder rather than the flatbed.  Lightyear works optimally with a clean image fed through the scanner.
If you are scanning multiple bills, ensure to set your scanner to send them in as an individual file.   Note, if you are sending in multi page invoices they will need to then be grouped in Lightyear, or you can scan those in individually.

You can access guidance notes for the main scanner manufacturers in the following links:  


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