Redirecting Supplier emails into Lightyear (Auto Forwarding)

Redirect vs Auto Forwarding supplier emails into Lightyear

Why Redirect Supplier Emails?

Lightyear is all about a seamless and straightforward experience. The less you have to move documents, contact suppliers and review everything, the better. That is why, auto forwarding PDF documents from suppliers directly to Lightyear saves you more time and means you have less emails to rummage through.

What is Auto Forwarding

Auto Forwarding is basically bouncing an email sent to you, to a different email address. For example, rather than having a supplier email PDF's to your work email, then you having to send them to the Lightyear email for extraction, auto-forwarding means that this is done for you. You wont even see the email until it is in Lightyear and being extracted. This means that all you will be doing, is logging in, take action on your workflow and you are done. It really is that simple.

How do I set up Auto Forwarding?

Lightyear works best when your suppliers are sending their bills directly into Lightyear. However, there may be cases where suppliers are unable to or unwilling to do this, so we advise setting up rules in your email client to auto redirect (or auto forward) bills from suppliers into your Lightyear account. The steps to set this up will differ depending on which email client you use and we have linked how to do this for each of them below.

A few things to note;
* Forwarding: Will send an email into Lightyear from YOUR email address, regardless of what address the email was originally sent from.
* Redirecting: Will send an email into Lightyear, keeping the details of the original sender making it easier to track back.

With the above in mind, we strongly suggest using Redirect where possible but not all email clients will support this.

Most common email clients

Check out the links below for steps on setting the redirect function on some of the larger email clients;

If you are using an e-mail client that is not listed, please get in touch via the chat in the bottom left of your Lightyear screen.


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