PO - Archvie

PO - Archive

With PO you can search in your archive for specific PO's. Much like when search invoices, the settings, filters and exports are also available with you purchase order records. 

PO Archive

From any screen on Lightyear, select the archive icon from the icon ribbon to the left.

Once you have clicked this icon, your archive will show on screen. Now we want to navigate and change the "All Bills" filter to Purchase Orders"

Click the drop down and change to Purchase Orders:

Once purchase orders has been selected, you can then click on the search button to show all PO's in the system, no matter what stage they are at in the PO workflow.

Lets take a look at some of the information that is displayed in Panel 1.
We have Supplier, Created Date, Delivery Date, Po Number Tax, Total and Status. While these headers are all pretty self explanatory, Status will show the location of the PO meaning the tab the PO is currently resting in. 

In the above screenshot, Ordered and Approved shows me that these particular PO's are sitting in the Ordered and Approved tab within the PO page.

You can also search more granularity using the filter boxes in Panel 2.
Here you can see I have used the filters to focus my search and show specific PO's that are by my set perimeters.

1- Search For - Purchase Orders - This is what I am searching for document wise.
2 - GL Code - I want to bring up any PO with this GL code on
3 - Supplier - Only show me PO's for this supplier
4 - PO Number - I can bring up a specific PO if I have the PO number
5 - PO Date, I can search between two dates. here I chose 15th to the 20th Jan 2021
6 - PO Amount - shows me the PO's with the total between my search totals
7 - Search to search with these filters

You can use as many or as little filters as you wish.

PO - Export to File

The Export to File button, allows me to export a csv, with the details from Panel 1. 

The information shown in the above screenshot, in panel one, will be pulled and dropped into a csv for use in reporting and comparing. You can also edit what information you want shown and hidden in that csv by customising your choices of header using the 3 dots to the top right. 

Your selected headers will show in Panel 1. Note, here I am linked to Xero but according to the accountancy software that you use, the options will differ. These chosen headers, once shown in Panel 1 can be exported from the archive as a mini report also. 

View a PO in Archive

Once a PO is selected in Panel 1. You can view it and its details in Panel 2 by click on the "View PO" heading.

PO - Audit Trail

The "Activity" option to the right of "View PO" allows you to take a look at the recorded Audit trail for each and every PO. Click Activity to show the record will show everything from the time and date of the PO's creation, to who created it, edited it with the avatar of the user, date and time stamp attached.

When you click "View PO" notice you will have 3 options. Notes, where you can review and add notes to the selected PO. (remember using the "@" symbol in creating a note will allow you to tag a user. Activity mentioned above and Email shown correspondence 


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