November 2020

November 2020

November 2020 releases

November 27th

Fuelsoft Export Enhancements 

Now, when exporting to Fuelsoft from Lightyear, you can choose one of two ways to have you description field populate in Fuelsoft. The GL line from the top of the invoice will auto populate. Or you can use the new Free Text box in Panel 2 to enter your own unique reference.

Improvements to 'My Tasks'

My Tasks icon now allows review of all activity. Much like reviewing activity for an audit trail in all other aspects of Lightyear, you can now review an audit history and activity history from the 'My Task Screen'. Previously this feature was only available in the main screens.

In the My Task screen (located in the 'My Tasks' icon to the top right of your screen - )

Click on a task and then on Activity, then activity to bring up your audit trail.

Improvements to Data pulled on CSV Exports from Archive

We all know that we can export a handy report from Archive, (if not, look here - LINK). But previously, Keyword Rules and Task Approver was not included in the export. Now, you can choose to have this information exported by customising the headers that you wish to be pulled in the report.

To customise the headers that will be pulled in the CSV, click the 3 dot icon -  and select which headers you want shown or hidden.

Then, you can click the export to file button - 

Your CSV will now include these new information columns (if needed)

Keyword Rules:

Task Approver:

WCBS Export Enhancements - "Auto-Invoicing"

If you Send Reference 3 (Which is a current setting available, and sends the Ref3 into the 'H' row of each invoice in last column), the same reference will populate into each nominal line item field in the export file in The Reference 3 Column (last column) on the Nominal Lines. 

Do you use 'auto-invoicing' in WCBS ?  Selecting YES will export the usual reference you have selected. However selecting NO will enable Lightyear to populate this field with the Invoice numbers. This will appear in a new column in Column D , titled 'Doc No'. 

November 9th 

Improvements to 'Send Approver Task'

We are delighted to release a series of enhancements related to our send Approver task functionality.  The send task function is used by many Lightyear businesses to assign an approval to a specific user, internally or externally, we've now made it much easier to manage this process. 

You can read more about Sending approver tasks here 


Send a TASK with one click

Previously, users accessed the 'send task' option via the 'More' drop down.  You can now initiate a Task Approval Request from Panel 1 in one click by clicking on the shadow Approver Icon.  

See pending Approval request and sort Column by Approver

You can now view all outstanding Approver Tasks in Panel 1 and sort the column to quickly see who has a pending, approved, or declined task request.   Single clicking the task icon will display further information and allow you to retract the task.  Double clicking an approved task will allow you to resend a new Task Request.
Here is where you will see Tasks and the Approver those tasks have been sent to.

To sort the tasks into different orders as mentioned above, click on the Approver heading to show in different orders.

If you wish to send a second Approval Task to another user, please double click the Approver Icon.

View Task approver in Archive. 

You can now view Task Approvers and sort the column in the Archive view.  

Automate Task Request by supplier & Keyword Rule

We recently released the ability to trigger a task automatically based on a supplier setting or for more advanced requirements, you can now trigger an automated 'Task' based off a keyword in a document.  Below, we have added the keyword we want to have pulled from the invoice (Highlighted in Green) and the particular Approver we want those invoices to go to (Highlighted in Blue)

These Keyword Rules are set per supplier, in the Supplier settings and to the bottom of the Supplier Profile page:


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